Ivy Harper raised two wonderful kids, still gets to wish 86 & 89-year-old awesome parents “Happy Mother’s & Father’s Day, mentored five siblings two of whom followed her to Washington, D.C. where they’re thriving, walks three Pugs, wrote a best-selling biography, worked on Capitol Hill, served as Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s “Writer-in-Residence” at the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, earned a William Randolph Hearst national award for “Excellence” in writing, acts as an advocate for predatory student loan reform, founded “Land Grant University Reform,” and has the finest friends in the world including an older sister who is as close to a Saint as anyone. Harper also served as the 2010 Democratic candidate for Congress in Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District, a campaign that taught her that election fraud really does exist: it’s called “early voting.”

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