Nebraska Owes the Fed $22 Million Bucks – Read the Reason Why Below by Ivy Harper

January 22, 2014


@ BicycleMike – You nailed it. As did Sleestak, simba, sid, + Gnarly Fanger, all of whom made dead-on, perceptive points.

What’s happened in Nebraska – which is merely a microcosm of the country – is that The Perfect Storm coalesced to create the United States of a Mess (USM).

What caused the USM: greed and the elimination of Public Servants, to name just two key factors. Once Corporate America turned their sights on the vulnerable and Big Business realized they could make MONEY on refugees, the elderly, the mentally ill, children in crisis, poor, working-class and middle class students whose parents could not afford college and so on, America as we knew it…became a distant memory.

After laying waste to the U.S.’s manufacturing base, Corporate America learned that they could amass wealth via swallowing sectors – children, the elderly, sick, people with mental illness, students etc. – that previously had been protected (Thank God!) by Government-paid Public Servants.

Public Servants were wiped out in favor of “CEO’s” of Social Service agencies + Public Land Grant Universities whose “Boards” began hiring Corporate Wanna-Be-Types. Soon, “Non-Profits” had Corporate-Obsessed Administrators who figured out that – personally – they could amass wealth by taking lavish salaries, pretending to be “Non-Profit,” getting the “services” done by volunteers, and hiring the cheapest workers possible to “care” for the vulnerable rather than skilled, educated “Public Servant” professionals. Oh, and “partnering” with predatory student loan companies. [See NU + NELNET]

Let’s face it: the mindset of those who just want to make money in life is dramatically different than those who feel that they are called – as a Mission – to care for People in Need.

Tragically, this was a result of GOP & Democratic policy and legislation; politicians from BOTH parties allowed themselves to be purchased by Corporate America wherein the “welfare” of the aforementioned vulnerable populations became of less concern than money and the shareholder bottom line.

When Public Servants served the sick, the elderly, children, people with mental illness/ disabilities, and refugees, they chose to serve these vulnerable groups out of a sense of mission not because they wanted to amass wealth via refugee settlement, caring for families in crisis, people who suffer from mental illness, and the elderly. [See Lutheran Family Services]

Oh, and let’s not forget the role of Unicameral Lobbyists in this not-so-pretty picture.

Mueller-Robak, Radcliffe & Assoc. and O’Hara & Associates helped “shepherd” Nebraska’s race to “Privatization” and in the process, these “lawbbying” firms turned the once-noble Unicameral into their own personal MoneyCameral; two firms took home around $1.2 million dollars last year; Mueller-Robak took in around $1.6 million dollars. Given that the head is Nebraska’s former Democratic Lt. Governor, one can hardly blame Republicans for that firm’s MoneyCameral “success” not to mention that two prominent Nebraska Democrats run the second highest-earning “Lawbbying” firm.

Finally, there’s Nebraska’s gilded revolving door that ushers in a select clique of multi-millionaire Democratic & GOP Chieftain/Politicians/Insiders/Corporate Heads to Nebraska State Government + Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation, and then on to the University of Nebraska and then back to the MoneyCameral and then to the University of Nebraska Foundation, and then on to lucrative “Lawbbying” Firms. And in and out. And in. Again and again.

This clique, that I’ve labeled “The Political/Corporate/College Clique,” collectively, locks in The Status Quo.

The good news: Citizens are catching on.

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