NU’s Platte RiVersailles King Leaving for Hudson RiVersailles Reign

January 18, 2014


Unlike what the LJS Editorial Board declares, the truth is that Nebraskans remain deeply divided about NU President JB Milliken’s tenure.

For sure, Nebraska’s “One Per Cent” has profited – and will continue to do so in the future – from President Milliken’s global – aka Monsanto/Valmont/ConAgra/Tyson/Big Ag/Big Pharma/Big Bank/Big Data/China/International/Out-of-State-Higher-Tuition-recruits/NU Foundation Endowment Obsession/NELNET – initiatives; ergo, accolades from the corporate world, the wealthy, and the well-off.

The rest of Nebraska has been greatly hurt by Mr. Milliken’s NU tuition hikes. Let’s face it, the NU President’s “vision” has come on the backs of – and at the expense of – regular hard-working but struggling Nebraskans, many of whom can no longer afford NU despite the double-talk/big lie to the contrary.

NU’s 2004-2007 “Partnership” with NELNET – helmed shortly after Mr. Milliken took over – stands as the most sordid chapter in NU History. The RECORD shows that NU “partnered” with a company that bilked the vulnerable American taxpayer from upwards of several hundred MILLION dollars via a Lincoln-based U.S. Department of Education FEDERAL SUBSIDY scheme that was only ended because of an ethical native Nebraskan whistleblower whose action prevented NELNET from unlawfully siphoning more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS away from FEDERAL taxpayer coffers.

When NU “partnered” with NELNET, the company already had been nationally red-flagged by New York Attorney General Cuomo for widespread deceptive marketing practices.

To recap: Under Mr. Milliken, NU “partnered” with a predatory student loan company while, by contrast, an upstanding Nebraskan blew the whistle on NELNET’s predatory student loan practices. One was a PUBLIC University President; the other an Education staffer. Classic American upside-downism.

It is also indisputably true that NU tuition skyrocketed under Mr. Milliken and access to NU and to Nebraskans’ NU Department of THEIR CHOICE by formerly middle class Nebraska students has been dramatically reversed in favor of the higher-paying students (and God Bless all of them, btw) mentioned above; this NU policy has upset many Nebraskans.

For example, in a reality rich with bitter humor, NU’s Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film admits almost all out-of-state students who just happen to pay nearly three times the tuition to NU. Hey, someone has to pay for NU’s Top Titan half-a-million-dollar salaries! In other words, Nebraskans are discriminated against in an NU Program named for a Nebraskan.

Does the LJS Editorial Board read its own Comments section? Because if you want anecdotal proof that there exists deep resentment towards Mr. Milliken, just go back and see that when the story broke about the NU Foundation buying a house for the Good President, at one point, 60 of the 65 LJS Commenters expressed negative opinions of NU President Milliken and that Platte RiVersailles arrangement.

Speaking of the new, free NU house, Mr. Milliken’s getting a free one in New York City as part of his “compensation package” whereas his predecessor, Matthew Goldstein, only got a “housing allowance” while he was CUNY President.

Doesn’t it now appear that the primary reason Mr. Milliken pushed for a free house from the NU Foundation was so that he could use that perk in negotiations with CUNY to make certain that CUNY granted him the perk of all perks in Manhattan: a free house.

And to think that a great many CUNY students are seriously struggling with poverty and oppressive predatory student loan debt.

Then again, Mr. Milliken already worked on Wall Street so he knows how the game goes.

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