Nebraska: “The Capital of Corruption!”

November 30, 2013


@ jrk56005 You said it best, “”Nebraska- the Capital of Corruption.”

I’ll ignore your ad hominem “uneducated” comments and I will admit that the U.S. Government engages in prosecutorial bullying. No question.

It is noteworthy that the two worst cases of abuse occurred when Government Prosecutors teamed up to bully big-time with Universities: Duke & MIT. Without Duke’s bullying insistence that the Duke Lacrosse Team be charged, that fiasco wouldn’t have happened. Same with Aaron Swartz, “The Government” would not – and more critically, could not – have pursued charges without MIT’s Top Guns aiming directly at the techno-activist Swartz.

Together with MIT, Boston’s Top Dog Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz and U.S. Attorney Stephen Heymann literally bullied the wunderkind Aaron Swartz to death. Still in his 20’s, the sweet – and fragile – genius committed suicide because of MIT’/the Government’s outrageous actions. Universities are some of the biggest, baddest bully-ers around. Indisputably.

But again, Government Prosecutors & University Titans are human; ergo, most are good; some are bad.

It is interesting that the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Swartz case could ONLY go forward with their insane witch hunt against Aaron with the cooperation of MIT. Swartz’s father – who worked for MIT – begged and begged MIT to drop the ridiculous charges. MIT refused.

The same is true with NELNET’s egregious fleecing of the U.S. taxpayer; NELNET used Universities in its scheme to defraud the hard-working, suffering taxpayer. With college cooperation and collusion, NELNET made a fortune they didn’t deserve.

But there are – indeed – quite a few instances where companies win against the Government. Is it difficult? Sure. Especially if said company – as with NELNET- actually did do the things “The Government” is alleging.

But perhaps, you need to research the NELNET whistleblower case and you will learn that NELNET did fight “The Government” for years; methinks NELNET only “settled” when the ultimate Judge kinda implied that NELNET was gonna lose. Oh, and NELNET would have then had to possibly pay treble damages; meaning, NELNET could have been forced to pay several hundred MILLION bucks rather than 55 million.

Your thoughts?

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