Fountain of Truth: “American League of Bribery – aka Lobbyist – Professionals” Changes its Name

November 19, 2013


Post Politics

Lobbyists’ lobby approves a new name — one that doesn’t mention lobbying

  • BY HOLLY YEAGER – Washington Post –  November 18 at 5:39 pm Comments

The American League of Lobbyists has made it official, approving a new name for the group that doesn’t mention the word “lobbyists.”

As The Post reported last month, leaders of the association said they wanted to make the move because their business has been changing. These days, they explained, lobbyists aren’t just trying to shape legislation – they’re also into grass-roots organizing, public affairs and other sorts of politics and advocacy.

But yes, they acknowledged, they also have an image problem.

With all that in mind, leaders of the group asked their members to approve a new name – the Association of Government Relations Professionals.

On Monday, the group announced the results of the vote, which was conducted from Oct. 15-Nov. 15: 83 percent of those voting supported the change. (Thirty-five percent of the group’s 1,200 members participated in the vote.)

In a statement posted on its Web site, the organization said the decision caps a year-long review of its “mission, membership, programs and potential for growth.”

Monte Ward, president of ALL – make that AGRP – said that the rebranded group “will be the voice of an inter-related professional community that is united in working toward open and transparent debates in the formulation of public policy, and ensuring the highest ethical standards are practiced by all in the broader government relations profession.”

The next step?  A new logo and Web site, to be unveiled at AGRP’s annual meeting Nov. 21

Fountain of Truth
Might I suggest the “American League of Bribery Professionals?”

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