Does Jim Lauerman Get the Difference Between Advertising and Journalism? by Ivy Harper

November 19, 2013


Lincoln’s premier “Mad Man” wonders via the LJS Letter Forum: “Could anyone have come up with a more negative headline?”

Since you asked, I want you to know, Sir, that I can. Here’s a few:

Vision 2015 – Still Corrupt After All These Years

How Much Vision 2015 Money Came from NELNET’s “Unwarranted” – aka Unlawful – FEDERAL Subsidy Dollars? All or Most?

Why Do So Many Vision 2015-ers Suck Off the University of Nebraska Foundation “Should-be-Considered PUBLIC” ALUMNI Teat Donations?

Sub-head: NEBCO Gets UNF Funds to the Tune of $900 HUNDRED GRAND a Year
NELNET’s Mike Dunlap Awards Himself $365 HUNDRED GRAND a Year for
Self-Described “Investment Advice”

Why Hasn’t A Single Vision 2015 Member Been Perp-Walked?

There’s a lot more, Mr. Lauerman, but you haven’t read these REAL JOURNALISM exposes because Lincolnites get the BEST Journalism that MONEY can BUY courtesy of Vision 2015 + Nebraska’s Political/Corporate/College Clique (PCCC).

Oh, and do you actually understand the difference between manipulative advertising and bona fide journalism?

Just curious.

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