Boo-Hoo Again from NU’s Well-Paid “Lecturers” by Ivy Harper

October 27, 2013


The archaic, feudal Higher Ed paradigm is economically unsustainable, morally bankrupt, and academically/intellectually weak in light of the Internet.

Salary + Perks-obsessed tenured Baby Boom PUBLIC University administrators – and some Professors – wrecked what was once as noble an institution as could be created. Of course, this destructive evolution was jump-started by the Ivies and other tony private colleges; nonetheless, for purposes of taxpayer accountability, the citizenry can only be concerned with reforming the PUBLIC University. Ergo, LGUR.

How did this happen?

a) Tenure became subverted; rather than being used as a way to ensure academic “freedom,” it now repeatedly shields professorial and PUBLIC administrative wrong-doing. [See Penn State, Rutgers, Ohio State, the University of Nebraska and more]

Unlike corporate America – who must respond to shareholders – or the rest of “Government,” the Ivory Tower remains exempt from independent, serious scrutiny and outside objective investigation.

In the insular Ivory Tower, the very Professors/Administrators who are being challenged get to determine the outcome of the challenge TO THEM. Tenure has ended up making Professors/Administrators feel invincible what with the FACT that neither the Pope, the President, or the Public – plus Regents/Trustees – hold any TRUE power over them. Only “the tenured” hold power.

And as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

b) PUBLIC University lawyers consistently counsel University Professors and Administrators to LIE in order to fend off winnable lawsuits/actions/complaints against law-breaking University employees.

Think about his for a moment, my Friends. Consider the fact that PUBLIC University lawyers tell Administrators and Professors TO LIE so that their multi-billion-dollar-endowed PUBLIC Universities don’t have to pay a penny to people who have been bona fide-edly hurt by PUBLIC University Professors and Administrators.

To be sure, most University employees are ethical but some are not. Yet, if they are “tenured,” they “win” regardless of the merits of the challenger’s case.

Talk about immoral. To be continued.

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