Say it Ain’t So, Bo ~ by Ivy Harper

September 17, 2013


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA  (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

For seven years now, LGUR’s stuck to covering Academic Ivory Tower Heists, aka NU’s hyper-trophying hordes of overpaid Presidents/Chancellor/Vice-Chancellors/Deans + Provosts who have morphed from Public Servants to Public Profiteers while Cornhusker students are stuck with life-altering predatory student loan debt.

Higher Ed is the new Wall Street. Fact. Greed + money dominate.

Since his 2004 appointment, President Milliken’s been amassing great wealth on the taxpayer dime. He’s become a multi-millionaire while many, many Cornhuskers can no longer afford NU.

It’s immoral that Nebraska’s struggling taxpayers pay for his Sheridan Boulevard home, his SUV, his gas, food, utilities, travel, maid + lawn service, his Country Club of Lincoln membership, Rose Bowl excursions, his July summer “business” trip to Paris, France, his I-Phone, computers, lavish “deferred” compensation + much, much more.

When the Good Prez gets all that for FREE, of course it’s easy to become Multi-Million-Dollar Milliken. Despite all Milliken’s moolah, on Friday, the Regents are handing him yet another $11,000 dollar check. Oh, and did I mention the $130,000 dollars President Milliken gets from Valmont Industries for a couple days worth of influence peddling, I mean Board “work.”

NU’s Top Titans make more in annual salary than the Leader of the Free World. The Big 10’s Gordon Gee’s total “compensation” package was $2 million dollars while Ohio has one of America’s largest number of home foreclosures, thousands of liens of which good old NELNET purchased.

However, this fawning column by an ostensible journalist inspired me to turn my lens to NU’s declining Athletic ethos.

Steve Sipple opens with this line, “There is no pleasant way to spin this one.”

Right. Your column should have ended right there.

Nonetheless, you put in an Olympian effort to Cirque de Soleil this tale for your buddy Bo by smearing the messenger; something NU, sadly, excels in.

The true measure of a man or woman is how they speak a) when times are tough; and b) in private.

Bo Pelini failed miserably on both counts. You calling the recorder a weasel, and vilifying him puts you in the same bush league as Bo; meaning, you both are missing the point.

No excuses.

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