Multi-Million-Dollar Milliken + NU’s Largest Class Ever by Ivy Harper

September 10, 2013


Kevin Abourezk writes, “Nonresident students now account for 27 percent of all students at UNL.”

Wonder why? Non-Nebraskans provide more than two times the tuition money; thereby building up a cash cow revenue stream that ensures that The Good President, Multi-Millionaire Milliken, can live in the royal-like lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed:

A $500 hundred thousand dollar salary plus VALMONT ‘s BoD’s yearly $130 grand for two days worth of heavy duty influence peddling. And lest nervous Nebraskans worry that their NU President is spending taxpayer time shilling for a private corporation, Mr. Milliken assures the LJS that his VALMONT “work” is completed on his “vacation days.”

Right. Sure. We believe you, Sir. Wink-wink. Perhaps, his VALMONT “work” was “completed” near the Left Bank where he and his coterie sipped Pouilly-Fuisse as they observed the Seine and wrapped up their VALMONT “business.”

Not to mention Mr. Milliken’s free home on Sheridan Boulevard, SUV, gas, computers, I-Phones, expense accounts, catered food, decorating, maid + lawn service, vacations, (excuse me, I mean “business” trips to Paris, France in JULY) where presumably the Prez visited Versailles to study the relationship between rapacious Kings and overworked, suffering Peasants; endless spouse freebies, gifts, Rose Bowl excursions, private U.S. “trips” to visit other Land Grant Ivory Tower Fiefdoms + much, much more.

Oh, and for the record, bigger ain’t always better.

Furthermore, these out-of-state students have been aggressively recruited and for attending NU, their reward is first dibs at being admitted into the NU Programs of their Choice which means they’re pushing OUT corn-born – but lesser-tuition-paying Cornhuskers – of highly selective and popular NU Programs. Fact.

This, my Friends, is a direct violation of the federal/Morrill Land Grant Act established to cater FIRST + FOREMOST to the Students of The State NOT to well-off out-of-state and international students, God Bless Each + Every One of Them, nonetheless.

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