NU President Milliken Spin-iken, Part IV by Ivy Harper

September 8, 2013


@ acetogen ~ You gave a perfect description of President Milliken’s yearly earnings: his “highly inflated annual salary.”

These days Mr. Milliken’s base salary is closer to the half a million-dollar mark. Seriously.

Okay, to put that “Public Servant” salary in perspective, remember that the American President – the country’s premier PS – only recently began earning $400 grand.

So, we have a “Public” University President in the Great Plains “earning” $100,00 (one hundred thousand dollars) MORE than the Leader of the Free World who – as we speak – has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I HAVE a DREAM that one day America’s Land Grant University Presidents will wake up and realize that they – personally – have contributed to the United States of a Mess with their insatiable greed, lack of leadership, and consistent violations of both the spirit and the letter of the visionary Land Grant Act of 1862 that LEGISLATED that the students OF EACH STATE would have one PUBLIC flagship university that offered THEM a Public Ivy experience plus admittance to the PROGRAM of their CHOICE + all of that at modest tuition rates.

President Milliken can pen all the LJS + OWH columns he wants about NU’s “affordability” but truth be told, he doesn’t even really run NU. NU Department Heads do along with NU’s legal counsel. Fact.

NU Department heads want money for their Fiefdoms; NU Department heads get more than two and a half times the money for their Fiefdoms from out-of-state and international students who pay a lot more in tuition than Cornhuskers. Do the math. Who’s getting in to NU’s coveted and competitive Departments with this upside-down monetary policy in place?

Oh, that’s right. Someone’s got to pay for the Good President’s palatial perks. Wink-wink.

Nonetheless, to any Nebraska student reading this: The groundbreaking Land Grant Act GUARANTEES that you get into the NU Department of YOUR CHOICE. If you’ve been admitted to NU but NOT to the Program that you want/need, challenge NU cuz you’ve got the law on your side.

Just sayin’

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