NU President Milliken Spiniken, Part III

September 3, 2013


IDMA makes an insightful point, hard-hitting as it is.

NU President Milliken writes: “True to our land-grant tradition, we believe the university should be accessible to all Nebraskans who are qualified and want to attend…”

Let’s deconstruct this sentence. First off, notice President Milliken qualifies things by framing his declaration thusly, “…the university SHOULD be accessible…”

But everyone knows that what should be ain’t necessarily what is actually happening.

Especially in the Ivory Tower where Universities lack accountability and independent review or scrutiny by objective outside officials.

When one challenges an NU Department Head, THEY get to determine the outcome of your challenge to THEM. Seriously. Nowhere else in the real world is this acceptable.

Like most public Land Grants, NU Departments are feudal and run like the last vestiges of Versaille. Despite that fact, most Department heads manage to act in a fair and professional manner. Yet, what about those who view Nebraska-taxpayer-funded NU Department Programs as “their own,” as one was described to me.

Sometimes I really, sincerely, genuinely wonder if the Good Prez has a clue about the extent to which some Department Heads engage in bullying, retaliation, and the crushing of corn-born talent simply because a tenured Professor can do whatever he/she wants without fear of reprisal.

Next point: President Milliken writes that all Nebraskans who want to attend and who are QUALIFIED can attend NU.

What the Good Prez fails to mention is that any NU Department Head can simply DECLARE a prospective candidate NOT QUALIFIED and that’s that. That candidate cannot be admitted into the Program even if the Pope and President Obama request admittance.

Next Post: How do NU Department Heads determine who is QUALIFIED when the NU Program in question is SUBJECTIVE? Perhaps, like an NU Writing Program.

to be continued.

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