NU President Milliken Spiniken, Part II

September 2, 2013


NU President Milliken writes, “When it comes to the topic of college affordability, the headlines often focus on runaway tuition rates and excessive student debt.”

Here’s a few headlines NU’s Corporate President neglected to mention: “NU Refuses to Release Compensation Figures for Director’s Role at Valmont.”

“Milliken ‘Earns’ an Additional $129,000 w/Role at Valmont.” OWH, 2013

“Foundation Pads Salaries of Top NU Leaders” LJS, 2013

“Cornhuskers Stuck w/NELNET Debt While Million-Dollar Milliken Amasses Wealth on Taxpayer Dime.” 2013 LGB, 2013

“Ohio State’s Prez is a Hater + an Arrogant B-tard.” OSB, 2013

“Good Riddance to Big Ten’s Horrible Gorden Gee.” OSB 2013

Yet, President Milliken keeps citing Big Ten statistics as if this collection of catastrophic-football-injury DENIERS is somehow saintly rather than THE University that jump-started the B10 “University Salary Arms Race.”

As all of our wise moms and grandmothers used to say, “If a buddy in the Big Ten jumped off a Big Ten bridge, would you follow them?”

President Milliken keeps referencing Nebraska’s “PEERS” in the Big Ten. To that I say, ” PEER pressure, isn’t that what we counsel MIDDLE SCHOOLERS to avoid?”

Just askin’

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