To Nebraska’s 49 Senators: In 2014, Don’t Introduce Lobbyists’ Bills unless they Benefit all Cornhuskers + not Just a Select Corporation by Ivy Harper

August 26, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Don Walton writes about the upcoming “MoneyCameral” session: “Fun for Ernie and the media.”

“Not so much fun for lobbyists who already have the task of trying to deal with all the competing personalities and egos and ambitions and personal agendas and priorities that already are in play.”

Although I normally appreciate Walton’s gentle political columns, in this case I must take issue with him using the word ‘fun’ for Senator Ernie Chambers. An actual Public Servant.

And “not so much fun” for lobbyists – Corporate Shills – who are boo-hooing – their lack of “fun” in a Legislature that Nebraska’s Top Dog lobbyists now completely own – all the way to the (Union) Bank where, remember, “It’s Who You Know.”

To recap: “It’s Who You Know” and how shamelessly you cash in on your brief political life to become a full-time influence peddler. [See partners in Top Three lobbying firms]

Here’s the 2012 Unicameral lobbying totals for: Mueller-Robak ~ $1,164,951.07 (one million, one hundred sixty four thousand, nine hundred and fifty-one dollars and seven cents.

Yes! Mueller-Robak includes .07 seven cents lest anyone think that M-R lobbying invoices are anything other than precise and not just, let’s say, a pulled-out-of-the-sky $50 grand a “Principal” [see M-R, Facebook, + Senator Tyson Larsen for “educating” Nebraska’s 49 Senators on laughable legislation that the multi-billion dollar, California-based company wants for ka-ching, ka-ching, if you know what I mean.] And so on.

Radcliffe gets the MoneyCameral Silver Medal coming in at: $1,056,640 (thanks, Radcliffe, for not adding “cents” to y’alls nonsense.)

O’Hara & Associastes gets the Bronze: $831,458 (guess they also realized what a joke adding in pennies to their high-paying “Principals” totals looks like.)

Bottom line: it really struck the wrong note to refer to Senator Chambers’ valiant attempts to be a bona fide Legislator and not a Legislator/Lobbyist like so many in the MoneyCameral have morphed into via the “education” skills of MR, R& A, and O’Hara & Assoc. Of course, lobbyists insist their work is all about saintly EDUCATION. Believe that and there’s a bridge in Brooklyn for ya.

Senator Chambers stands as one of the Unicameral’s last remaining, genuine Public Servants. Challenging Nebraska’s deeply-entrenched Status Quo – trust me – is not fun. It’s difficult work wherein the Good Senator earns all of $12,000 dollars a year.

By contrast, almost to a person, the lobbyists who make up Nebraska’s Top Dog lobbying firms have sold their previous political positions to the highest bidder while the Nebraska middle class evaporates, the working class move down to the working poor, and The Center for People in Need welcomes more Lincolnites than it has ever seen.

Meanwhile, the State’s 49 Senators introduce RIDICULOUS bills – and waste enormous amounts of time each session – in deference to the Top Dog Lawbbyists while the pressing needs of Nebraska’s own citizens go unmet because the MoneyCameral is making money for Mueller-Robak, Radcliffe + O’Hara’s and keeping their CORPORATE BOSSES happy.

Next year, Nebraska’s 49 Senators should vow not to let the Top Dog Lawbbyists hi-jack the Session for their own monetary gain. If a bill benefits only a national corporation and not the general Nebraska PUBLIC, don’t introduce it.

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