Chuck Hassebrook: NU’s Tool by Land Grant Chancellor Ivy Harper

August 24, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Chancellor Ivy Harper

Candidate Chuck Hassebrook remains – for all intents and purposes – an NU employee.

Precisely because NU is the largest employer in the state, the idea that Hassebrook is incapable of separating himself from NU is, in and of itself, a major red flag. Ultimately, that reality should disqualify him for statewide office.

The Record reveals that Hassebrook – for his entire 18 year reign as a Regent – voted “aye” to every single proposal NU initiated including one that screwed our nation’s suffering college students: NU’s 2004 “Partnership” with NELNET, Lincoln’s infamous predatory student loan company.

That NELNET vote ranks as the single worst NU Regents’ vote in NU history. Two Omaha Regents – Ferlic + Hawks – correctly voted against it. You should read the transcript of that day’s events in which the even-then-notorious NELNET had no greater cheerleader than Hassebrook.

The question is: why? Was Hassebrook duped by NELNET or did he genuinely mean his “rah-rah” statements that are eerily reminiscent of A.G. Bruning’s praise of NELNET. It’s either one or the other and neither reflects well on Mr. Hassebrook.

By comparison, all four NU Student Regents saw through NELNET and voted against it.

As a Regent, Chuck Hassebrook allowed Nebraska’s once-noble federal/Morrill Land Grant Act University to turn into a corporate good old boys club where a select coterie of Nebraskanas – aka “The One Per Cent” – continue to amass unbelievable wealth. On students’ backs. On the hard-working Nebraska taxpayer dime. That’s not democratic.

The Governor of the great State of Nebraska MUST be willing to challenge NU when NU is wrong.

And sad to say, NU has been wrong – for years now – as they pursue policies – (participating in the Big Ten “Salary Arms Race” for example) which violate the spirit and the letter of the visionary Land Grant Act of 1862.

Were he alive and able to vote in 2014, I can assure you that Abraham Lincoln would cast his ballot for Senator Dubas. Just sayin’

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