NU “Frets” ~ while Lincoln’s Land Grant U Burns Courtesy of its Corporate Chancellors’/Prez/Provost’s’ Greed by * Land Grant Chancellor Ivy Harper

August 15, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper 

* Note: Hey, if everyone plays along with Gallup and pretends that it’s a “University” when it’s simply another profit-obsessed corporation, then humor me here, folks, start calling me “Chancellor.” Thank you. NU’s Land Grant Chancellor ~ Ivy Harper.

Land Grant University Reform – 19 hours agoBelow is a verbatim quote from a recent University of Nebraska official report:

“The University of Nebraska Foundation’s (the Foundation) financial statements are discretely presented within the University’s financial statements. The Foundation is a non-profit corporation exempt from income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code whose purpose is to provide financial support for the University system.”

This bears repeating: The NU Foundation’s SOLE purpose is to provide financial support for the University system.

The NU Foundation is NOT chartered to allow the following men to accrue personal fortunes that would wow Wall-Street: Terry Fairfield, Clarence Castner, Mike Dunlap of NELNET, Tonn Ostergaard of Crete Carriers, the Noddles via outlandish Foundation Omaha rent charges and now, Brian Hastings.

Nor is the NU Foundation – aka NU – chartered to provide jobs for a Unicameral Budget Chieftain’s wife or an NU Regents wife as a way of influencing votes. And so on.

Ostensibly, the NU Foundation is “sitting” on $1.7 BILLION dollars. Now is the time for all good Foundation men – who’ve been getting rich off Foundation coffers – to come to the aid of NU.

Then there NU’s lavishly-paid Presidents/ Chancellors/Vice-Chancellors/Deans + Provosts who are no doubt “fretting” as they jet back from their exotic European vacations; this after a Nebraska taxpayer-funded two week trip to China.

We’re presuming the NU “fretters” during this troubling time includes NU’s $700,000.00 (seven hundred thousand) dollar President who gets his home, car, Country Clubs, food, lavish deferred compensation, two-week trips to Paris “for NU business,” “miscellaneous” – aka God knows what – maid + lawn service for FREE.

Yes, I bet over cocktails and steaks at The Country Club of Lincoln, Prez Milliken is simply beside himself about the sequester. Let’s head to the links and engage in more “fretting.”

So, why not put some Foundation monies where your mouths are or are both entities – NU + the NU Foundation – really just ATMs for a coterie of College/Corporate clique members who’ve been amassing wealth for years on the suffering Nebraska taxpayer dime BECAUSE THEY CAN.

To be continued.

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