“Fish” + Senator “Fisher” by Ivy Marie Harper

August 11, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Senator Fischer states: “We cannot afford to fund this law…”

What the Senator – and her clones like Jody P. – conveniently ignore when they make false assertions such as that is: the FACTS.

Evidence clearly shows that what’s truly bankrupting this country is unchecked, unprecedented greed from Wall Street to Main Street. Tragically, Democrats, Republicans, CEO’s, PUBLIC Land Grant University Chancellors, Union Chieftains etc. have all been complicit in turning this once-great nation into what I coined: The United States of a Mess.

Studies show that more than one-third of all Medicare reimbursements are fraudulent and emanate from widespread, unlawful over-billing of the hard-working – nay suffering – American taxpayer. Same with “Refugee” monies; check out Omaha’s growing number.

Look at Lincoln-based NELNET – with a GOP Lincoln “Master of the Universe” titan at the helm – plotting a bilk-the-federal-taxpayer scheme to the tune of ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

What does Lincoln’s Mayor + LIBA + NU do? Kiss the NELNET Top Dog’s feet out at fancy bar-be-cues at Big Sandy wherein Mr. Dunlap regales “visitors” with stories about how NELNET just “happened” to “take advantage” of a little, baby federal loophole. And why were NELNET chieftains not marginalized – or banned – by Lincoln’s “Powers-the-Be?” Because NELNET “gave away” to Lincoln and the NU Foundation some of the FEDERALLY-issued money NELNET “received” unlawfully.

Now, ain’t that generous for NELNET to “give away” money NELNET “tooked” from American taxpayers. You gotta love Lincoln’s blindness and ability to diss truth-tellers and to embrace financial fraudsters. Seriously, Abraham is weeping in his grave.

Oh, but had Dunlap + the NELNET gang been perp-walked like Ken Lay + Jeffrey Skilling, it’s highly likely – but not guaranteed – that Democratic Mayor Chris Buetler might not have been willing to fly around on their plane to check out other arenas. Just sayin’

Please, Senator Fischer + Jody P., make sure you read today’s Omaha World-Herald (OWH) front-page story about another Nebraska REPUBLICAN who, to Cornhuskers, signs off on Senator Mike Johanns’ laughable line, “Get the GOVERNMENT out of our lives,” all the while Mr. Clifton is FINDING all the STRENGTH he can muster to garner lucrative GOVERNMENT contracts.

In other words, Clifton – like Dunlap – are raging hypocrites. Guess what: the GOP is filled with them from California to Connecticut and North Dakota to Texas and the 46 states in between.

Below is just a snippet from the OWH’s revealing story about Clifton’s two-faced ways:

In the emails cited in government documents, Clifton told government division leaders in 2008 that it was important to the business to land government contracts, which he referred to as “fish.”

Clifton emailed a Gallup executive about the firm’s revenue and profit, saying, “The bad news is of course that our pipeline is the lowest it has been in some time, including government … we have to find fish fast or we are going to get ourselves in trouble.”

Discussing a potential FEMA contract involving Cannon, Clifton asked a Gallup executive, “What size of fish will this be?” The executive responded that the deal was worth $6 million over five years, and Clifton responded, “[Y]es … this is a very good fish …”

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