More on Auditor “Sorry to Stereotype” Foley by Ivy Harper

July 31, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Ostensibly, Auditor Foley’s mission is to root out taxpayer fraud.

So why is it that Mr. Foley focuses on and singles out supposed low-income fraud rather than go after and cite examples of high-income-earner fraud? [aka NU]

Despite the fact that Mr. Foley’s own office cited NU for widespread credit card abuse, you notice he does not mention NU’s abuse of taxpayer funds in his little lectures.

Again, why? Well, because for starters, NU’s President would flip out, get Foley on the line, and tell him to stop. Hello. This is the way power works.

And while the Good Senator stands up for the little guy in this case; he, too – like his 48 colleagues – is afraid to challenge/criticize/rein in NU.

Imagine if Mr. Foley recast his standard 90-minute “Auditors” speech to include NU’s monetary abuses along with an explanation of Lincoln-based NELNET’s taxpayer “loophole” shenanigans + NU’s shameful role in helping the predatory STUDENT loan company receive “unwarranted” federal taxpayer monies to the tune of nearly $400 hundred MILLION dollars.

Now, that would be a profile in courage. Not to mention – but I’m gonna – Lincoln-based Gallup’s recent settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice for defrauding the hard-working U.S. taxpayer of millions + millions + millions of dollars.

Admittedly, NELNET + Gallup’s massive taxpayer fraud was federal but Mr. Foley should emphasize the shocking FACT that two LINCON-based companies – both with toast-of-the-town GOP titans at the helm – committed far, far, far, far worse fraud than the 19,000 low-income check recipients (God Bless Them All) as a way of showing that fraud exists within all demographics. There are those who believe – just like the worst Wall Street fraudsters – that some of the company’s CEO’s shoulda been perp-walked.

Oh, but doncha know that NU, NELNET + Gallup – and their Chieftains + Chancellors – wield enormous power and the 19,000 check recipients hold zero power.

So NU can mismanage money all it wants and Nebraska elected officials of both parties remain silent.

Nebraska Democrats’ blinding loyalty to all things Higher Ed + to blatant Ivory Tower Heists + abuses of power is as disturbing as the “What’s the Matter with Kansas” voters on the other end of the political spectrum.

Just sayin’

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