The Big Battalions by Ivy Harper

July 25, 2013


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Here’s the problem with the subject of “money mismanagement” and Nebraska’s Big Battalions which both State Auditor Foley – a Republican – and Senator Jeremy Nordquist – a Democrat – belong to and are members in good standing.

Why did I include Senator Nordquist? Because he – along with Nebraska’s other Top Dog Democrats like Vince Powers et al – are fine with sticking up for the little guy in cases like this and God Bless Them for at least doing that much. My point: just as it’s easy to criticize “the little guys,” it’s easy to stick up for them, too. Know what I mean.

But the FACTS reveal that the massive money mismanagers in Nebraska happen to be NU administrators who’ve amassed wealth on the suffering taxpayer dime. Indisputably. If either man had the courage to rightly take on NU, suffering Nebraskans would benefit greatly. But no. To criticize NU’s on-going Ivory Tower Heists is unacceptable in the Nebraska Democratic Party even if NU gets in bed – as it did + has – with a private predatory student loan company aka NELNET which is horribly fleecing the very students the Nebraska Democratic Party purports to care so much about.

Please recall that just a couple of years ago, Auditor Foley investigated just a teensy-weensy sector of the University of Nebraska and his office found wide-spread, rampant, across-the-board (meaning NU Profs + lower level employees, too) NU credit card abuse.

Credit card abuse among NU folks who “earn” seven times more than the average Nebraskan. That’s severe “money mismanagement.”

Stay with me here, folks. Most of the shocking NU credit card abuse came from NU titans whose average salary is in the $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars) range.

Okay, let’s call it like it is. When state-paid NU employees – who receive oodles of vacation time, state-of-the-art health care, sabbaticals, expense accounts and many, many more perks – engage in systematic credit card abuse, that, my Friends, is serious “money mismanagement.”

Why hasn’t Mr. Foley called a press conference to denounce NU. Why doesn’t the Good Auditor make stereotypical jokes at NU’s expense? Why hasn’t Senator Nordquist or Vince Powers castigated NU?

Did Mr. Foley criss-cross Lincoln to denigrate NU’s President’s who – in the real world – would have been forced to step down because the buck, literally, stops with him.

The truth about Cornhusker GOPers + Dems is that because of the way that the University of Nebraska (NU) controls Nebraska politicians of both parties, neither Mr. Foley nor the State’s 49 Senators go after the real money mismanagers: the University of Nebraska.

Oh, and for the record, I tried to take on NU in 2010 and NU – stunned at my numbers in Oct. 2010 on a mere $22,000 (twenty two thousand) – sicced a sitting Chancellor at UNO to slander and libel me on Drive Time Lincoln with right-wing “talk show host,” and now LIBA shill, Coby “The Attack” Mach.

Political common sense tells you that if I wasn’t doing extremely well on a shoestring Congressional campaign, NU would have not bothered to slander and libel me on a popular Lincoln radio show. Just sayin’

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