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July 15, 2013


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

So, Gallup “University” caves and ends up “settling” with the Government to the tune of a $10 million dollar fine. Oh, but of course, this self-described “University” does not admit any wrong-doing. Oh, no, not Gallup. They’re simply ponying up $10 million bucks to make the pesky whistleblower charges go away. Yes. Sure. We all believe you, Gallup. Take a deep breath, Gallup, and go do some “Woo” ing or whatever your latest smoke + mirrors is.

What can you say about a corporation that calls itself a “University?”

“Ten years ago, it [Gallup] opened its $67 million Gallup University Riverfront Campus between downtown Omaha and Eppley Airfield…”

If the Gallup Corporation is a “University,” then I’m the Chancellor of NU’s Land-Grant University + Chancellor Perlman runs the corporate NU.

If CEO’s of corporations – who must “settle” with the U.S. Justice Department for widespread “over-billing” of the hard-working American taxpayer – think that they get to subvert the true meaning of words, then what the heck, other Americans get to do the same thing, doncha think?

To recap: if Gallup is a “University,” please address me as Chancellor Harper. Thanks!

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