Lawbbyists Rule ~ Senators Drool or Mueller-Robak’s latest “MoneyCameral” Haul: $553,610.19 ~ For Gosh Sake’s, Don’t Forget that 19 Cents

July 10, 2013


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

The Mueller-Robak Uber-Lawbbying Firm made more than a half a million dollars from Jan-June, 2013.

Nebraska’ 49 State Senators – in the same time period – earned $6,000 (six thousand) bucks.

And the Lincoln Journal Star (LJS) asks this question: “Lawmakers or Lobbyists: Who has the Power?”

Do the math, my friends. Follow the Money. Lawbbyists Rule, Senators Drool.

But at heart, I’m a solution-seeker. And I’ve got a great one (solution, that is) with respect to reversing the situation wherein Nebraska’s once-noble Unicameral has been turned into a State ATM for Mueller-Robak, LLC, Radcliffe & Associates, and O’Hara & Associates.

All Nebraska’s 49 State Senators have to do in 2014 is REFUSE to sponsor a single bill brought to them by Nebraska’s uber-lawbbyists. Just say no.

Shut the lawbbyists completely out of the Unicameral picture, Senators. It really is that simple. Try it. You’ll really, really like it.

In the solid article above written by LJS writer, JoANNE Young, she quotes State Senator Bill Avery – unwittingly – making my point about the total insanity of a small state like Nebraska having to deal with 650 fn bills during sessions which are now run by the State’s Top Dog Lawbbyists.

Senator Avery decries the fact that Nebraska’s Senators must sift through 650 bills: “We as representatives are faced with an overload of bills we have to read and understand…” Bills brought to you, Senator Avery, by the “Principals” of M-R, R & Ass. + O’Hara & Ass, otherwise known as “The United Corporations of America.”

The Good Senator is failing to connect-the-dots as in a) Why the heck do you all need 650 bills? and b) in reality, nearly 90 per cent of those bills emanate from, again, the State’s uber-lawbbyists who are “using” Senators to do do their “work,” meaning push their corporate bills, set up pointless, fruitless hearings etc. so that said corporations keep plowing money into the Top Dog’s lawbbying coffers.

What Senator Avery should be asking is? WHY are the State’s 49 Senators playing the lawbbyists game? Let’s face it, it’s hard to turn down the very same Top Dog Democrats who hold lavish fund-raisers for you at houses built on milking “The MoneyCameral.” Kinda a vicious cycle, if you know what I mean.

Remember, Nebraska’s uber-lawbbyists – who besides raising mucho dinero for Nebraska’s 49 State Senators – have HUNDREDS of high-paying “Princpals.” They then get the same Senators they just elected to sponsor their corporate bosses’ vanity bills, most of which have ZERO chance of passing but they do make certain that Mueller-Robak, Radclife, O’Hara, Peetz, Brashear et al keep getting big bucks from state and national corporations and ostensible “non-profits.”

Howzabout a statewide petition asking Nebraska’s Senators to ONLY sponsor bills put forth by the STATE’s legitimate advocacy organizations. Period. Senators should not introduce a single corporate bill for Mueller-Robak, Radcliffe + O’Hara.

Senators could then see just about exceptionally productive a legislative session could be.

It would be loverly. [See My Fair Lady] Like Eliza, I’m wishing for a better life for “The MoneyCameral” which, to be sure, must be embarrassed about the lack of manners and the money-changing machinations that passes for “the legislative process” these days and that now dominates the once-venerable “MoneyCameral’s” marble halls.

Oh, and Radcliffe & Associates once again takes the silver medal. Their firm “earned” the piddly (I’m being sardonic, of course) widdly sum of only $279,798.70 yes, do not forget that critical seventy cents, gentlemen.

To date, O’Hara & Associates has not given their totals to the NADC but the last few years, they’ve continued to take home the bronze medal. Natalie “It’s a great career” Peetz comes in fourth. And so on.

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