Death of “The Public Servant” or Another Platte RiVersailles Story by Ivy Harper

July 5, 2013


Another Platte RiVersailles Saga Courtesy of State Senator Danielle Conrad by Ivy Harper

WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive)  by Ivy Marie Harper (previously published during the 2013 MoneyCameral session)

Nebraska Watchdog (NW) reports that Senator Danielle “Conrad said she decided to do so, [vote for an airplane for the “Guvnor”] even though she feels other senators have broken that “beautiful tradition and trust…” aka “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” which is translated in Nebraska during “MoneyCameral” sessions as, “What NU wants, NU gets.”

NW also quotes Senator Conrad as saying, ““I will not destroy myself over a token airplane…” Is that sentence for real, Deena Winter, cuz it sounds like a joke. Seriously.

And Senator Conrad’s use of the word “token” to refer to a multi-million-dollar purchase of an airplane is about as Platte RiVersailles as it gets.

Seems as if the Good Senator is now fluent in “Varner Hall Speak,” a language known only to a coterie of Cornhuskers invited in to the state’s Political/Corporate/College (PCC) Clique wherein conflicts-of-interest abound, a trio of “Lawbbyists” make millions running the State’s agenda, public Land Grant Chancellors “earn” $700 hundred grand on the taxpayer dime, get their $700,000  houses paid for by suffering students + their hard-working families who end up saddled with massive predatory student loan debt.

Not to mention – although I’m gonna – state-of-the-art health care, Chancellor expense accounts, food allowances, “gift” accounts, Rose Bowl excursions, Big Ten boondoggles, free laundry + maid service, lawn service, free Husker seats, Country Club memberships.

Yeah, public Chancellors get all this + more. Yet, drum roll, my Friends:

They actually call themselves: Public Servants.

This Nebraska reality would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and immoral.

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