NU Health Center Should Remain Public by Ivy Harper

June 25, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

What’s up with Chancellor Perlman + privatization? Seriously.

In 2004, the Good Chancellor stood before the NU Regents and – in nearly identical wording made a similar plea to “privatize” student loans: “Student loans are not our core competency. Let’s “partner” with NELNET and cut costs…” [not to mention the fact that NELNET was giving NU a “kickback,” excuse me, I mean a chunk of change for “scholarships” in exchange for the lucrative-for-NELNET “deal + 880 thousand shares of NELNET stock that just happened to be sold when the stock was trading at its very highest.

NU Regents approved the NU/NELNET “partnership,” and NELNET moved into NU’s financial aid office for three trouble-filled, difficult years. In the end, the Perlman-pushed “partnership” with an-even-then-nationally-identified-as-a-deceptive-predatory student loan company – in fact – turned out to be a disaster [ask Craig Munier] not to mention the suffering American taxpayer who were ultimately bilked to the tune of nearly 400 hundred MILLION dollars by NELNET because NELNET unacceptably “piggy-backed” the new NU loans on to an old Trust in order to wrongly profit from a lucrative, wasteful federal U.S. Department of Education subsidy that was eliminated by President Obama.

The bottom line: the delivery of some things – like student health + student loans – are better left to the few remaining “Public Servants” at the University of Nebraska and in the nation.

Another reason: please Google USA Today’s Thursday, June 20, 2013 front-page, in-depth cover article: “Under the Knife for Nothing: Tens of thousands of Americans undergo unnecessary surgeries that maim, and even kill, patients.” Health care has morphed into such a big business that profits now often trump sound medical decisions.

As far as the declining state of the actual Health Center building itself, why not ask the NU Foundation to pony up the entire funding for a brand new state-of-the art building. Since 1996, the NU Foundation has “awarded” Mr. Fairfield $700,000.00 (seven hundred + thousand dollars) even though he stepped down years ago. This continued Versailles-like spending on insanely excessive Top Dog NU Foundation Titan salaries is one of the greatest rip-offs Nebraska has ever seen.

In the meantime, why the LJS Board would write an Editorial such as this is a mystery. Especially since the Regents “NO” on this initiative is the FIRST time in the past twenty years that the eight men chose to actually act like the Public Stewards they were voted in office to be.

Truth be told: NU’s Regents deserve an Editorial praising them for their courage.

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