LJS Commenter “Dempublican” Pens Funny Line Skewering LJS Chieftains for Praising the Privatization of Mental Health Services Before their Work has Even Begun

June 13, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

What exactly does Mueller-Robak do for Lutheran Family Services (LFS) that M-R charges the Omaha-based “non-profit” $45 grand?

Good question, you say.

One possibility is that M-R picks up the phone or does lunch with the LJS publisher and presto, there’s this totally weird “Editorial” that praises a M-R “client” company that’s been granted a County contract for services before a single day of service-providing has begun.

I kid you not. Here’s the LJS headline:

So far, so good on mental health

“The privatization of mental health services in Lancaster County seems to be going fairly smoothly.”

Hello. Nothing has “started” yet.

Wassup with the LJS?

Perhaps, this bizarre “Editorial” was written because M-R wants to “spin” this story from the start. Gov. Heineman’s out-of-state privatization choices BAD; these three GOOD because at least one of them paid M-R half a hundred thousand dollars. Whadya think, my Friends?

You know what’s awesome about the American public? They see through “spin.” They’re smart without being “lawbbyists.”

Straight off, a Commenter with the cool moniker “Educator” started asking the kinds of questions that both Lancaster County Commissioners et al should have asked.

Too bad “Educator” isn’t on the LJS Editorial Board.

But the coup d’grace was this Comment by Ms./Mr. Dempublican:

dempublican – 22 hours agoEditorial Board – Please tell us, in the next “Editorial” what you based this conclusion on? Clearly not on facts, not on talking to consumers, and not observing or investigating. This piece is something that only one of your writers could write and it should be in your entertainment [section] – because it’s fiction, NOT fact.

Stop using Editorial Board and begin using “Stuff We Make up and Send out as the Truth Board.”

OMG, that’s funny. And sadly, true.

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