The Outlaw Josie Wales’ Has been Tipping me Off – OSU Hired NU Dean @ a Mere $350 K + Yes, I’m being Sardonic

June 11, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper 

I’ve been getting some awesome tips by an i*harper*se Commenter with the cool moniker: josie wales.

She alerted me to the fact that Ohio State University (OSU) just poached an NU Dean for a mere $350 (three hundred fifty thousand) dollars. Poor guy. Ya think he’ll be able to live in Columbus on that meager salary.

As the Outlaw Josie Wales noted: sure hope Columbus has some elegantly appointed Country Clubs for David Manderscheid and his OSU-History Prof spouse can sip cocktails and play God to hard-working OSU students whose parents’ homes are being foreclosed upon and who – while the jokester OSU President Gordon Gee – gets his $2 million-buck payout – are stuck with predatory student loan debt courtesy of federal/Morrill Land Grant Prez’/Chancellors/Vice-Chancellors/Deans + Provosts and their BFF’s, predatory student loan companies like Sallie Mae + Nelnet.

Oh, and of course, “thank you,” Ms. Outlaw; I appreciate your tips and will be investigating each +every one.

David Manderscheid named executive dean, vice provost of Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences

By Liz Young

Published: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 20:05

davidCourtesy of OSU

David Manderscheid will be the executive dean and vice provost of OSU’s College of Arts and Sciences, effective July 1, pending approval by the Board of Trustees.

The position of executive dean of Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences and vice provost for Arts and Sciences and professor of mathematics has been given to David Manderscheid, effective July 1, pending approval by OSU’s Board of Trustees.

Manderscheid is currently the dean of University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Arts and Sciences, as well as a professor of mathematics.

The Arts and Sciences executive dean and vice provost’s primary responsibilities include administrative leadership, budget and resource allocation, faculty recruitment, development and retention, fundraising, strategic planning and undergraduate advising, career services and diversity services, according to OSU’s Office of Academic Affairs.

The College of Arts and Sciences executive dean and vice provost position is currently held by Joseph Steinmetz.

It was announced Nov. 27 that Provost Joseph Alutto, who also holds the title of executive vice president and chief academic officer, is stepping down from the position, effective June 30, and that Steinmetz will be replacing Alutto beginning July 1.

Alutto will continue to work with OSU as special advisor to the president, as well as writing and possibly teaching courses, according to a Lantern article.

Alutto is currently paid a $554,559 salary and Steinmetz is paid $348,418.

Manderscheid will receive a $360,000 salary, OSU spokesman Jeff Grabmeier said in an email.

OSU conducted a nationwide search for Steinmetz’s replacement.

Manderscheid’s wife, Susan Lawrence, will be making the move to OSU with him as an associate professor in the Department of History. She holds the same position at Nebraska. She will be paid a $90,072 salary, Grabmeier said.

Manderscheid has served as the chief academic officer of Arts and Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2007, focusing on interdisciplinary research, improving undergraduate education and increasing diversity, according to an OSU press release.

He has also won several teaching awards for mathematics and has been published for his work in representation theory with applications to number theory. Manderscheid has served as principal investigator on several grants from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency, according to the release.

Manderscheid has held appointments at University of Iowa, University of Utah, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley and the University of Paris as well.


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