NU – Pride Goeth Before the Fall by Ivy Harper

June 5, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

@ dempublican: Why, you ask? Why are State Programs not fully funded.

One answer that partially accounts for this sorry situation is that NU – Nebraska’s largest employer – has morphed into “Platte RiVersailles” wherein NU salaries have skyrocketed; NU spending is “un-audit-able” yet clearly out of control; NU runs the Unicameral + almost all Cornhusker politicians who, it appears from past History, want to join NU Royalty themselves someday [see Withem, Kristensen, Robak, McClurg, Senator Heath Mello’s wife] so the French-like travesty just keeps getting worse.

The good news: the Peasants are starting to catch on. Irony: “The Educated” being clueless.

Years of NU’s gilded living and Ivory Tower Heists, naturally, has sucked taxpayer monies out of State coffers; monies that could – and should – be put to fairer, far more important use than – seriously – trying to satisfy NU’s ceaseless Higher Ed higher salary demands.

Oh, but NU Regents want “to keep” poor, pitiful President Milliken @ NU so every time a phony rumor is started that California wants to take Nebraska’s Million-Dollar Man away to another public university, the Regents hand over more in “compensation.” Ditto with Chancellors et al.

NU Titans continue to amass wealth even as students are stuck with life-altering DEBT.

To repeat my point: one reason State funds are scarce is because suffering Nebraska taxpayers – whose average salary is $40,000 (forty thousand) – are forking over $700,000 (seven hundred thousand) dollars to NU President Milliken, who gets a house, a car, food, travel, health care, expense accounts, maid + lawn service + County Club memberships for FREE.

Add in the fact that beleaguered Nebraska taxpayers are footing the bill for NU’s “hyper-trophying hordes” of Chancellors/Vice-Chancellors/Ass. Vice-Chancellors, Deans + Provosts, hundreds of whom make more than 200,000 (two hundred thousand) dollars and you can see where one problem lies.

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2 Comments on “NU – Pride Goeth Before the Fall by Ivy Harper”

  1. Josie Wales Says:

    JB how about checking out The Ohio State University for a pay raise. They just forked over $350K to bring NU’s Dean Manderscheid onboard. I betcha Columbus has a nice country club.


  2. wealth master's Says:

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