Million-Dollar Milliken by Ivy Harper

June 3, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Don Walton’s first suggestion in “Finishing Up” (and it’s a terrific one) is: “Shouldn’t we consider cleaning or replacing the stained exterior walls of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln administration building?”

As a justice-oriented, solution-seeker who founded a PUBLIC University Reform movement that’s made the “Land Grant Act” a Nebraska household name, it’s obvious who should pay to clean or replace NU’s “stained” Admin Building.

Howzabout NU’s Million-Dollar-Man, President J.B. Milliken?

After all, Nebraskans just learned this week-end- thanks to the Omaha World-Herald’s (OWH) hard-hitting, enterprise article by journalist, Leslie Reed, – that Milliken picks up an additional $129,000.00 (one hundred twenty nine thousand) dollars for a few days “work” sitting on the Board of Valmont Industries.

Let’s put President Milliken’s few-days of “work” [aka influence peddling] into perspective here, my Friends.

Okay, for a handful of influence peddling hours; I mean, “work,” NU’s President “earns” three times more than the average Nebraskan earns in one year; I repeat; hard-working Nebraskans – who pay President Milliken’s $688 (SIX HUNDRED Eight Eight THOUSAND) dollar annual salary – must work 9-5 for FIFTY WEEKS for THREE YEARS straight to earn what Milliken does in a week-end. Hmmmm.

Oh, and what’s really interesting about Leslie Reed’s article is the way in which President Milliken justifies getting $129,000 for a week-end’s worth of work.

One of Milliken’s defensive statements to Leslie Reed is so unbelievable + contorted that I swear, the man could join Cirque de Soleil.

Get this, President Milliken maintains that he “takes vacation days to participate in Valmont meetings and devotes considerable time during his evenings and weekends to board matters, so some payment is warranted.” Right. Of course. Keep deluding yourself, sir.

What say we start a national “On-Line Petition” asking NU President Milliken to pick one of Lincoln’s small-business exterior painting companies and just foot the bill by his little old lonesome?

Why not? President Milliken gets FOR FREE the things that hard-working Nebraskans – who earn $40 grand a year – have to pay for. You know, necessities like a house, a car, food, travel, air fare, dental care + more.

Finally, let’s not forget what else NU President Milliken also gets FOR FREE that the average Nebraskan wouldn’t even consider – again, because they can’t afford it – and that’s a FREE membership to the illustrious Country Club of Lincoln.

@ NU President Milliken: Let’s make my constructive suggestion a reality. A win-win for a lucky Lincoln exterior painting company + for your “Court of Public Opinion” reputation.

Josie Says:
June 3, 2013 at 10:21 pm e

It must be great to live in JB’s world and be out of touch with the Nebraska citizens he serves. Just who footed the bill for JB, Harvey, Prem, Ronnie, and 50 or so of their administrator and faculty pals and a string quartet to travel to China recently? What was the point of this grandiose waste of money–money I assume came from the Nebraska taxpayers, but how would we know without a public accounting?

One Comment on “Million-Dollar Milliken by Ivy Harper”

  1. Elaine Herter Says:

    HIgh level business execs make sure that they put their friends on their company’s Board of Directors. Why? So they can loot the company’coffers. Why do their friends serve on the Board of Directors? So they can loot the company’s coffers. Think how much more money the company’s shareholders could earn? The wealth could be spread around. Sure some of those shareholders are rich but many are like you and me and have 401ks. Better yet let’s tie executive pay to the value of importance the job requires. Is the job more important than the President of the United States job? Only if it is do they earn more than the POTUS. Gee that means no one. This would apply only to publicly traded companies and government positions I.e. university presidents. It’s time to stop the thieves from robbing the rest of us blind.


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