UPDATE – Breaking News – Why is NU Foundation CEO Brian Hastings’ Direct Line Listed but – in Reality – is a “Non-Working” Number – Since the Foundation Sits on a Couple of Billion Bucks, You’d Think It Could Stay on Top of Phone Stuff…Unless Hastings is Gone?

May 31, 2013


Brian Hastings
President and Chief Executive Officer
402-458-1197 direct
800-432-3216 toll free


Below is the NEW number for NU Foundation CEO Brian Hastings. Question: Why did it take my noticing that the HEAD of a TWO-BILLION-DOLLAR Foundation lists a “disconnected” telephone number? This telephone stuff comes after the Foundation tells the IRS it spends a QUARTER OF A MILLION on “telephones.”

Brian Hastings
President and Chief Executive Officer
402-458-1188 direct
800-432-3216 toll free

WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

I’ve been trying since August, 2012, to find out the salary of NU Foundation CEO, Brian Hastings, but Foundation employees won’t share the information.

This morning I spoke with CFO, Jason Kennedy, who again declared that Hastings’ salary information is off-limits. “I will not discuss his salary.”

Another Foundation employee declared that Hastings salary info is “private.” Well, actually not given that the good old IRS mandates that all “non-profits” (wink, wink) list the salaries of all top-earning employees.

Ergo, I was thinkin’ that in the ostensibly-now-released-to-the-IRS 2012 Form 990, Hastings salary will be listed but no such luck because he wasn’t hired until September and their reports begin and end on June 30th.

So, I decided to call CEO Hastings’ office and see if he – or one of his assistants – would give out the information since it’s going to become public knowledge as soon as the IRS Form 990 comes out anyway; although admittedly since the NU Foundation consistently seeks extensions, the information they provide is uber-old and they like it that way.

Anyhow, on the official NU Foundation website, directly next to a thumbnail pic of Hastings, his “direct” line is listed. I called it only to learn that this number has been “disconnected,” as we said in the old days.

Okay, does that mean Hastings is gone? Does that mean the NU Foundation phones are out of order. You know, the phones that I noted in a previous posting cost the NU Foundation – and by extension, all NU alum donors – literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Readers, be my guests, please, and try Hastings “direct” line. I’m curious what the story here is. Is the “disconnection” temporary? What’s going on at NU’s Two-Billion-Dollar Foundation?

To be continued…

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