Has the LJS Jumped the Shark?

May 27, 2013


What an insightful Comment!

Even the LJS headline is preposterous: “A Senate Seat Refused.”

Was there an election? Oh, that’s right; it’s not for another year and a half. But according to the LJS, Heineman already won it and has refused to take office. Wow.

Governor Heineman had a lock on the Senate seat in the same way that A.G. Bruning controlled the 2012 Senate seat or in the same manner that Tom Osborne had the GOP gubernatorial primary all sewn up; you know, the one that Heineman himself won.

The fact that DW would write: “No one believes that Senate seat wasn’t the Governor’s for the taking” when – logically – that makes no sense at all and is verifiably false, not to mention (but I’m gonna), insanely hyperbolic given that thousands of Nebraskans are fed up with the Good Governor’s many failures; the ones that Sleestak notes so perceptively.

All that such an out-there sentence/article/headline reveals is the scary extent to which “The Media” makes or breaks candidates/politicians; fairness, logic + democracy be damned.

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