Nebraska’s Political/Corporate/College (PCC) Clique by Ivy Harper

May 26, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

One consistent thread running through this LJS discussion is Gov. Heineman’s long-running time spent on the “government dole,” a feat which can be equaled or beaten by Nebraskans Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Mike Johanns, Mayor Chris Beutler + his top aides, NU Regent Hal Daub, and a host of Omaha Democrats, too many to mention.

Then, there’s uber-lawbbyist, Kim Robak, a former “Democratic” Lt. Governor, who parlayed her brief time as a “public servant,” – and yes, I’m being sardonic here – into a multi-million-dollar lobbying firm that, for all intents + purposes, runs the GOP-dominated Unicameral whose State Senators earn $12 grand a year while Mueller-Robak’s latest 12-week “lawbbying” total was more than $600 hundred thousand dollars. Last year, M-R “earned” $1.6 million bucks “educating” Nebraska’s part-time Senators.

Ditto for former State Senator Don Wesley, former Congressional aide, Paul O’Hara, former Unicameral Speaker, Ron Withem + Doug Kristensen, NU Regents, and others who’ve traded their “knowledge” of the “Way Nebraska Works” into big money while students suffer and hard-working Nebraskans fall further and further behind.

I guess my point here is: greed has nothing to do with party affiliation. Nada.

Important Democrats make a mockery of what formerly was deemed, “Public Service,” as do many Republicans whose CEO’s continue to fleece the FEDERAL government as did NELNET titans who then pretend at NU “Business Symposiums” that NELNET chieftains actually made money the old-fashioned way: by earning it. NELNET execs merely had the chutzpah to unlawfully take advantage of FEDERAL U.S. Dept. of Education “loopholes,” also known as FEDERAL SUBSIDIES. No business acumen there, my Friends; it’s called fraud.

Until citizens/voters understand just how the Democratic + the GOP – TOGETHER – keep honest, hard-working Americans under their thumb, this country will continue to reward the 1 per cent even as those 1 per cent – I’ve just named the Nebraska versions – pretend what “they” do is fine. Main Street is legit, and it’s only those fraudsters on Wall Street who are “the problem.” Main Street has been copying Wall Street for more than a decade now and in some states – i.e. Nebraska – Main Street misdeeds have surpassed Wall Street’s egregiousness [See NELNET + Gallup].

The fault, dear Nebraskans, lies right here in the Nebraska Political/Corporate/College (PCC) Clique which is made of members of both Cornhusker Democrats + Republicans.

America needs an authentic Third Party who can break up the Big Dem/GOP Party which has – in concert – wrecked what was once a place where one truly could achieve “The American Dream.”

That’s true no longer, folks, thanks to the sins of 50 Main Streets and their Democratic + GOP colleagues in Washington, D.C. who wine and dine each other at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland.

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