More on NELNET Following Yesterday’s LJS Article on the Predatory Student Loan Company from Lincoln

May 24, 2013


@ ddubya + dell:

First off, like all ethical Americans, I abhor predatory “payday” loan companies. The idea of charging 2,000 per cent interest to already beleaguered American + desperate-for-cash undocumented workers is sinful. And that’s not just imho; it’s a fact.

Truth be told, banks own – or are behind – most of these “make-money-via-usury” companies just as banks are BFF’s with predatory student loan companies.

On another note, I love Dell’s calling my crusade against predatory student loan lenders “goofy energy.” Yep, I’m gonna use that, Dell, so thanks!

Ergo, right now I’m channeling my goofy energy to write some new Posts about Nelnet on my popular blog i*harper*se or

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