How did Jim Local’s Brilliant OWH Comment Make it in Con-Agra Land aka Nebraska?

May 10, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Lots of Nebraskans scratched their heads at the perplexing logo for NU’s new Fred + Pamela Buffett Cancer Center – good, UNMC decided against calling the place “a campus,” –  as they’d been weirdly doing for quite some time against my many pleas to stop subverting the word “campus,” as Gallup’s + Vera Bradley and other obsessed for-profit CORPORATIONS continue to do.

Currently, the only Omaha World-Herald Comment is by someone with the moniker, “Jim Local…” He’s a really sharp guy, Jim is.

Below is his insightful Comment:

Jim Local (signed in using Hotmail)

“say the people who spent more than eight months developing it”, that’s embarrassing!
A 1st or 2nd grade class good have done better in one sitting. It’s not obvious what the “brand design” stands for so they will have to explain it over and over.
Cancer treatment/research is the biggest scam since tobacco. Lets focus on the prevention not treating it. They keep thinking up new ways to get you into the system sooner and milk ya til you are dead. Think less junk food, and more Vit-C.

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