Question? Does Senator Greg Adams Truly Believe He’s Working for “The People?”

May 2, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Senator Greg Adams of York was recently quoted by a Nebraska AP writer as saying that the state’s Senators are in session to “get the People’s work done.”

Yeah. Right.

Perhaps, Senator Adams frame his final sentence a bit more accurately: “”We’re here to get Robak-Mueller’s/Walt Radcliffe’s/O’Hara/Wesley’s/Lindsay’s/Peetz’ work done.”

A question for Senator Adams: “How many Nebraska ‘people’ hang out at the Unicameral day in and day out in the same obsessive way that the state’s Top Dog ‘lawbbyists’ do?”

“And how many ordinary Nebraska citizens’ hand the Red Coaters constant notes requesting just a ‘minute’ of a Senators’ time?”

Truth be told, Senator, the “People” – as you call them – are not relentlessly buttonholing Senators during sessions because they’re exhausted + busy making money the old-fashioned way:


Not by cashing in on one’s time as a Nebraska politician/NU Vice-Chancellor/Mayor/Speaker of the Unicameral to make boatloads of cash by writing laws and pushing bills that the Big Battalions desire and draft.

The sad thing is this handful of “lawbbyists” pretend/delude themselves into thinking that they’re merely “educating” the 49 of you on this, that, or the other self-serving corporate profit-maker.

Nebraska no longer has a Unicameral. Let’s call it what it is: a “MoneyCameral” run by a coterie of “lawbbying” firms who – like the Chevrolet – always get their way.

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