Nebraska’s Unicameral has Turned into “The MoneyCameral”

April 30, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

The downside to Nebraska’s unique Unicameral is the fact that the state’s seven uber-“lawbbyists” now possess – for all intents + purposes – their own personal, what I call, “The MoneyCameral.”

Clearly, George Norris did not envision the day when a handful of clever Cornhusker “lawbbyists,” in essence, would take the place of what would be the bi-cameral “House” elsewhere + cash in to the point where Nebraska’s Top Dog “lawbbyists” make Congressional shills look like Muppets.

The Unicameral is quick and has no bi-cameral check + balance; ergo, rapacious companies know that if they want their “pet” projects (aka self-serving laws) to go “national,” they “begin” their corporate crusades in Nebraska where America’s Big Battalions only have one “House” to conquer.

And conquer, corporate “Principals” continue to do.

Obviously with the lavishly-compensated aid of Mueller-Robak, Radcliffe & Associates, O’Hara & Associates, Natalie Peetz, Kermit Brashear, + NU et al.

All of this ungodly “lawbbying” – of course – comes at the expense of Nebraska’s hard-working – nay suffering – citizens who don’t have the will or the way to participate in the unethical farce that these days passes for Nebraska’s legislative “sessions.”

Let’s face it folks, Nebraska’s once-noble Unicameral has been purchased by the United Corporations of America (UCA) thanks to Mueller-Robak, Radclife & Associates, O’Hara & Associates etc. + their BFF “Principals,” aka Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Data + Big College.

The Nebraska Accountability + Disclosure Commission’s (NADC) just released the state’s uber-lawbbyists’ latest twelve-week haul:

Mueller-Robak’s Jan/Feb/March “lawbbying” total stands at $553,610 dollars + 19 cents.

Yes, don’t forget that 19 cents lest observers begin to doubt the idea that “lawbbyist’s” asking prices bear some actual semblance to normal job reality but instead are all about the politician-turned-lawbbyist revolving door game of “Gimme Boatloads of Cash for Laws” game.

I repeat: Mueller-Robak “earned” five hundred fifty three thousand six hundred ten dollars for three months of “work,” my friends. Then again, as NELNET/Union Bank likes to say, “It’s Who You Know.”

Just sayin’

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