Beware the Critter known as “Conventional Wisdom” by Ivy Harper

February 21, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Okay, so “conventional wisdom” (cw) says that if Governor Heineman enters an open 2014 Nebraska Senate race, he will be victorious.

The funny thing about the mercurial critter known as “conventional wisdom” (cw) is how many times that little bugger is just plain wrong.

A few examples from the Nebraska cw political landscape:

Cw predicted that then-Governor Charley Thone was going to prevail over Bob Kerrey.

Cw maintained that Omahan Ed Zorinsky – a candy vending machine guy – could not win state-wide office.

Cw argued that either A.G. Bruning or State Treasurer Don Stenberg would beat Deb Fischer.

Cw said that it would be far easier for Kerrey to out-wait Heineman, enter the race late + then go on to beat any one of the above-mentioned troika instead of a sitting Governor. (How well did that work out for Kerrey?)

Cw said that NU’s Tom Osborne was unbeatable for any office upon which he set his sights.

Cw said that Wahoo’s Curt Bromm, a Nebraska native and fourth-generation Cornhusker, was a shoo-in to take Rep. Doug Bereuter’s Congressional seat; yet, Bromm was defeated in the Republican primary by the then-new-to-Lincoln, Jeff Fortenberry, a native Baton Rougian, long-time Louisianan + Washington, D.C.-denizen.

Cw said that the Dem/GOP ringer, Jessica Lynn Turek, was going to beat Ivy Harper in the 2010 1st District Democratic Congressional primary.

Cw said that well-known Lincoln journalist, Independent Deena Winter, was going to be one of the top two vote getters for a Lincoln City Council seat only to find that she was – ostensibly – defeated by a little known Republican, thereby assuring that the Dem. candidate, Mr. Cook – who had Mayor Beutler’s imprimatur – would go on to retain his seat.

I rest my cw case.

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