Word on the Street: Senator Avery Introduced State Salary Hike at Behest of NU who’s Getting Ready to Seek “Big Ten”-Like Raises; NU Worried that Chancellors Make 4 Times More than the Guv.

February 15, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Word on the street is that Senator Avery introduced his bill to increase Nebraska state elected officials’ salaries at the behest of NU who has been publicly embarrassed by comparisons to NU Chancellor salaries which are around $400,000 (four hundred thousand dollars) while the Governor makes nearly four times less that lavish NU amount.

For some time, at this very blog: iharperse@wordpress.com, I’ve been asking the question: How can it be fair for a Chancellor who watches over just the NU Kearney campus (God Bless Him because Kearney’s Kristensen is a great guy) to earn what the Leader of the Free World does [plus state-of-the-art perks & benefits] when the GOVERNOR of Nebraska – who ostensibly presides over the entire state, including NU (wink-wink) – makes just over $100,000.

My research has determined that Senator Avery does NU’s bidding + NU wanted Nebraska state elected officials’ salaries raised so that when NU starts – as they’re already doing – seeking obscene raises in order to be on par with “their peers” in the rapacious Big Ten, the NU salary hikes won’t seem as outrageous by comparison.

Yeah, good luck with that, NU, as the Comments after Deena Winters’ latest Nebraska Watchdog story illustrate.

Instead of this idea, Senator Avery should be introducing a bill that establishes an Office of Inspector General (OIG) to oversee Nebraska’s largest employer which has shown via NU credit card abuse, Foundation misdeeds, excessive Chancellor compensation, massive “accounting” errors, NU Department head bullying + more that NU, as a public institution, is in desperate need of reform.

The good news: it’s just a question of time until NU + the rogue NU Foundation are forced to submit to an independent audit and serious scrutiny from a trustworthy, outside, objective entity such as an Inspector General.

Thank God for Senator Chambers.

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