Hagel Debacle…Of all Senators’ Actions, Sen. Fischer’s Stands as the Most Egregious

February 15, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

If nothing else, Senator Fischer’s actions are short-sighted should Chuck Hagel be confirmed.

I mean, why wouldn’t a fellow Nebraska Senator want to be supportive of  a Cabinet member who hails from Cornhusker country [a rare occurrence] which holds StratCom’s headquarters and where defense plays such a huge role?

With the thoughts Fischer’s thinkin’ she could be another Lincoln, if she only had a _ _ _ _ _.

On another critical issue, Senator Fischer has voiced “disappointment” at President Obama’s State of the Union  (SOTU) proposals but just wait and see how front + center the Good Senator would be if: let’s say, one of the Administration’s many forward-thinking federal energy initiatives or a federally-funded “hub” were to land in  North Platte or if the Obama administration decided to give multi-millions in federal research money to the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

Do you think Senator Fischer would weasel her way into the photo-op for those events?

As the President astutely mentioned in his SOTU speech, when he alluded to “ribbon cuttings” and how with the Stimulus Bill in 2009, so many GOP Senators ranted and railed about it but showed up, nonetheless, for “all the ribbon cuttings” that emanated from it in their home states.

As Senator Fischer surely will down the line…because Nebraska will receive something if the new Stimulus legislation passes.

Again, her hypocrisy is simply staggering.

But with respect to Senator Fischer’s despicable treatment of Chuck Hagel, as a wise woman once said, “I hope she’s happy.”

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