Is Nebraska the Most Corrupt State in America? Let Me Count the Ways

February 12, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper
A growing number of Nebraskans believe the Good Governor’s proposal is, in truth, a smokescreen for the MoneyCameral’s latest “Lobbyist Stimulus Bill.”

The critical question Nebraska journalists must ask is: How do the following Unicameral lobbyists interface with Governor Heineman’s ostensible “tax” plan since six Super Lobbyists, in essence, control the Legislature:

Is the tax plan, then, a Mueller-Robak/Radcliffe/O’Hara/Lindsay/Peetz/Brashear/Withem Stimulus Bill? After all, lobbyists now “use” Legislatures the way that advertisers “use” the Super Bowl: to push products for corporate America. [See Mueller-Robak Facebook bill]

Or to maintain the status quo. At a hefty price. Which – stay with me here, folks – if it’s threatened as it’s surely being done here in Nebraska – lobbyists rack up.

Remember how Jack Abramoff created cockamamie proposals in Congress only to massively profit when he’d represent “Principals” who opposed the contrived ideas?

Remember, Nebraska’s uber-lobbyists collectively “represent” the corporate/”non-profit” opposition to this pie-in-the-sky bill + their Super-“Lawbbying” fees will escalate accordingly this quarter. [See NADC]

@ the LJS + JoANNE Young: Could you look into this, please?

What role did Nebraska lobbyists play in this clearly-contrived bill?

If the Nebraska media continues to simply cover the Administration + Nebraska’s 49 Senators in any given Session, you’re not reporting on the key players: the six lobbyists who have turned the Unicameral into their own personal MoneyCameral.

As the adage goes, always follow the money; and it ain’t flowing to or from the 49 Senators.

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