@ Senator Johanns: Thank You for Announcing your Support of Chuck Hagel!

February 2, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

I know I speak for thousands of Nebraska Independents + Democrats who also thank Senator Johanns for doing the right thing while it truly counts.

Timing is everything and there’s no question that Chuck Hagel needs a GOP boost this week-end given the hostile hearing he endured where as the Washington Times put it in a headline, Hagel was “…Roughed Up by Friendly Fire.” Another banner: “Ground Chuck.”

Now this is what friends are for; to have each other’s backs.

Senator Johanns’ awesome announcement could not have come at a better point; let’s hope Hagel aides are getting the word out to Republican Senators pronto.

Speaking of which, the Los Angeles Times called out Nebraska’s junior Senator, Deb Fischer, on her ludicrous-sounding Senate statement about Chuck Hagel’s left-leaning-ness calling it “bizarre.”

Anyhow, when you add up this well-timed move by Senator Johanns and his – and Rep. Fortenberry’s – votes to avert America’s fiscal cliff crisis, one must admit there’s a lot to like lately about these two politicians.

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