OK, OWH: Remember your Intrusive Behavior Towards Nancy Sebring; Ergo, to be “Fair,” – if that’s possible – Track Down Each + Every Gory Detail of Lt. Gov. Sheehy’s Inglorious Behavior; After all, What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander!

February 2, 2013


Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy issues resignation
By Robynn Tysver and Paul Hammel

LINCOLN — Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned his post abruptly Saturday after questions were raised by The World-Herald about cell improper phone calls to four women, other than his wife, during the past four years.

An investigation by The World-Herald discovered that Sheehy made thousands of late-night telephone calls to the women on his state-issued cell phone, many of them long conversations held in the wee hours of the night.

Gov. Dave Heineman announced the resignation at a 10 a.m. press conference.

“I’ve got a knot in my stomach. I’m deeply disappointed. He’s done a lot of good things for the state, but that trust was broken, and he’s resigned,” Heineman said.

He said he would begin the process of filling the post Monday.

The governor tapped Sheehy, a former mayor of Hastings, in 2005 to serve as his right-hand man in the State Capitol, in the hopes that eventually he’d mount his own bid for governor.

Until now, Sheehy has been considered the leading candidate to succeed Heineman in 2015.

The governor, asked about Sheehy’s candidacy, said: “I doubt he will continue his campaign for governor, and no, I would not support him under the circumstances.”

“This has happened very very rapidly,” Heineman said. “On Monday, I will begin to think about who is an appropriate lieutenant governor for the future.”

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