Could Senators Fischer & Johanns Just Announce their Decision to Vote “Yes” on Chuck Hagel, Already! This ‘Will He?/Won’t She’ Wait is Annoying, not to Mention an Insult to an Amazing American

January 27, 2013


In Chuck Hagel vote, focus on Mike Johanns, Deb Fischer
By Joseph Morton

WASHINGTON — Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., was answering a reporter’s queries about Chuck Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary when he broke out a question of his own.

What are the Nebraska senators going to do?

Two of the most closely watched will be Sens. Deb Fischer and Mike Johanns, each of whom has publicly withheld judgment on the pick.

WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

Yada. Yada. Yada.

Okay, I get being measured. Doing one’s homework. But alright, already.

Could Nebraska’s two REPUBLICAN Senators just tell the country that they plan to vote for Senator Chuck Hagel and stop this manufactured suspense. I was so wishing that Senator Fischer would change this fame monster aspect of Nebraska’s Senators.

As a Nebraskan living in Washington, the story of whether Senators Fischer and Johanns plan to vote for Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary reminds me of every other Nebraska Senator for the past decades.

Oddly enough, except Chuck Hagel.

Going back to Senator Zorinsky, there has been a distinct pattern in which – on truly big issues – Zorinsky, Kerrey and Nelson –  waited until the very last possible minute to cast their vote.

Most of the time, they extracted something in the process. To some, it looked like good, old horse-trading but I never liked it.

To me, it doesn’t look good. Plus, in my book it doesn’t show courage. As in, I want to see how my fellow Senators vote before I vote.

For gosh sakes, didn’t Senator Ben Nelson’s excruciating wait until the end-vote on the Affordable Care Act – which turned into the Cornhusker Kickback – provide a lesson in how NOT to do that for Nebraska’s GOP Senators.

Well, as Santayana said, those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it.


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