Bowtie-gate? Senator Beau McCoy Re-Tweets Mueller-Robak Tweets for the OWH NELegTeam? Can Someone Please Explain this Exchange to Me?

January 24, 2013


  1. 22h

    Unicameral fashion alert: bow tie mania has spread from@BeauRMcCoy to @ColbyCoash @AshfordForOmaha@BillKintner and others 

    Retweeted by Beau McCoy
  1. 22h

    What remains unclear about Bowtie-gate is whether those wearing them are indicating support of tax bill of usual bowtie wearer @BeauRMcCoy

    Retweeted by Beau McCoy
    1. Today I introduced the Governor’s tax bills LB405 & LB406 with Sen Ashford as the primary co-sponsor.

      View image on Twitter

    2. Univ. of Nebraska @U_Nebraska
    3. @unmc is looking for students to serve as ambassadors for new international students as they adjust to life in Omaha. 

      Retweeted by Brad Ashford

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