Breaking News: NU Regents To Raise UNL Dorm Rates by Land Grant Chancellor Ivy Harper

January 22, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

NU’s Regents are Rubber-stampers. They haven’t made an independent, tough decision in decades. If ever.

Ergo, LJS, this headline should be re-cast to read: “Regents to Raise Dorm Rates” by Kevin Abourezk.

In an ideal world, Regents should take the suggestions/proposals/ideas of NU administrators, consider them, but on occasion, vote against Milliken’s, Perlman’s, the two Danes + UNMC Chancellor Mauer’s initiatives.

In a perfect world, sometimes the Regents should simply vote “No” to NU and instead vote FOR the beleaguered Nebraska student who struggles daily with predatory student loan debt from NU’s BFF, NELNET.

The Record reveals that NU Regents say “Aye” to every NU idea, cockamamie as a handful have been including the immoral decision to allow NU to “Partner” with NELNET while the company was at the height of its “scheme” to flat-out defraud the hard-working American taxpayer.

Do I have to re-publish the late-night email that NU Regent Bob Phares wrote to NU President Milliken when I – as Common Cause’s Jack Gould had earlier – requested some NU documents under Nebraska’s version of the Freedom of Information Act.

I sent an “FYI” in the form of a “CC” to each of the Regents.

Regent Phares thought he was responding only to President Milliken but I received his obsequious missive in which he opens with: “Well, [J.B.] it really is a “Welcome Home” now what with Ivy + the Common Cause…”

Then, Regent Phares goes on to state – about an issue in which the Regents are supposed to be objective – “WE got our message out…”

Oh, and the “issue” in which “they” got their message out was a boatload of money being siphoned from the NU Foundation to pay for $400,000 (four hundred thousand dollar-a-year) Chancellors to get free $97,000 (ninety thousand dollar) Porsche Cayenne’s for free; you know, because the “poorly-paid” NU titans need to catch up with their rapacious Big Ten peers in the “Department of Lavish Perks.”)

America’s Regents/Trustees remain one of the last vestiges of America’s dying “Good Old Boys Club.”

A group of men who – rather than leading the University of Nebraska – do whatever it is that the Four Chancellors want them to do.

And sadly, the Four Chancellors plus one President no longer serve as Public Servants; for all intents and purposes, NU has been quietly privatized except that NU still DEMANDS its big bucks from suffering taxpayers.

NU’s motto: “Give us your money, and leave us alone to do as we please.” Which is so last century.

Big College has no accountability; no serious scrutiny from outside entities.

Thus, we get: Penn State: Predatory coaches;

MIT: hounding + punishing Internet activist Aaron Swartz to death;

NU: Partnerships with predatory student loan lenders.

The list of Higher Ed ironies and outrages goes on and on.

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