A Response to Roger Yant’s Letter to the Lincoln Journal Star

January 13, 2013


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  1. @ Educator: insightful food for thought for the University and the NU Foundation.
    @ Tired: you are wrong with respect to the University of Nebraska Foundation; they have wide leeway with respect to donations and donor wishes. The proof is outlined below.
    For example, how is that the NU Foundation always finds the “funds” for a project they want to push like the hundreds of thousands of dollars of “marketing” + “advertising” the NU Foundation spent on making certain that the “Arena” passed muster with Lincoln voters.
    Another example: the NU Foundation doles out to its top titans $ six and seven hundred thousand dollars a year in excessive “compensation.” Why do they ALWAYS find funds for that? Revealing, isn’t it, when these NU Foundation-Wall-Street-like “salaries” are inked, no one at the Foundation ever discusses “donor restrictions.”
    The money is just magically made available for insanely high salaries, not to mention perks, cars, maids + “extra” benefits for Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors whose salaries are higher than most CEO’s. Here’s the NU Foundation’s modus operandi: excessive salaries (including for top executives who stepped down years ago), no problem. Leasing jets? No problem. Lavish trips to the Rose Bowl? No problem.
    But helping the Nebraska taxpayer. Oops, suddenly, the NU Foundation declares that there’s a problem: “You see,” the NU Foundation lies, “almost ALL of our funds are ‘restricted.” Yeah, right.
    The NU Foundation doles out nearly four hundred thousand dollars each year in “consulting” fees to Nelnet head, Mike Dunlap, whose family – sister Angie Muhleisen – practically runs the NU Foundation, and he’s a biggie behind Vision 2015.
    Beyond being outrageous + a supreme conflict-of-interest, what is so interesting is that the NU Foundation never, ever, ever, seems to have any problem giving away trusting NU alumni money to the “Political/Corporate/College” Clique that “runs” the Foundation, but the second the NEBRASKA TAXPAYER begins to demand that the NU Foundation give more money to NU so the taxpayer can be cut a major break, oh, all of a sudden, boo-hoo, cries the NU Foundation Executives, “All of our money is ‘restricted’ by donors.”
    See, the NU Foundation simply cannot have it both ways. If they can ALWAYS find money to give to already-wealthy Nelnet execs for “consulting,” they can sure as heck find donor funds for the beleaguered – nee desperate – Nebraska taxpayer.
    @ Liberal Dave: Am supremely disappointed in your nasty name calling of Roger Yant who works hard to be a voice for Lincolnites who are not benefiting monetarily from the bloated bureaucracy that NU has morphed into, surely to the sadness of visionaries like Justin Smith Morrill, who established the ground-breaking Land Grant Act of 1862 which was signed by America’s greatest President, Abraham Lincoln. Were they alive today, those two men would be appalled by the on-going Platte RiVersailles actions of NU, the NU Foundation, and Nebraska’s top “lawbbying” firms who’ve become wealthy lobbying against the very citizens for whom the Land Grant Act was meant to help. In perpetuity.

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