Facebook “Likes” Mueller-Robak & Handed the Couple $50,000.00 [Fifty Thousand Dollars] in 2012 + Surprise!

January 11, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

So, in 2012 Facebook – whose D.C. “lawbbying” shop is located at 1155 F Street, N.W. – handed Kim Robak and Bill Mueller $50,000.00 dollars. Now we know why.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the FIRST (non-ceremonial) Omaha World-Herald (OWH) article on the Nebraska Legislature just happens to deal with little old Facebook.

The company that gave uber-“lawbbyists” Mueller-Robak fifty thousand dollars. So, Facebook’s D.C. “lawbbyists” gave Nebraska’s premier “lawbbyists” fifty grand. What’s fifty grand, anyway, between lobbyists.

Still, I’ve got a few questions. Ones that OWH reporter Joe Duggan should have asked and answered in the press release he wrote for Kim Robak, you know the puff piece masquerading as a legitimate OWH Unicameral “news” article.

I’d like to know why Senator Tyson Larsen introduced this bill.

I’d like to know why OWH reporter Joe Duggan didn’t ask Senator Tyson Larsen WHY he introduced this bill.

I’d like to know why OWH “reporter” Joe Duggan – whose “story” is re-printed below chose to cover this non-news.

How many Mueller-Robak meetings did it take? Phone calls? Lunches?

Why is it that Mueller-Robak’s “principal” Principal – aka Facebook – gets to take valuable time and attention away from truly pressing Nebraska needs.

There are quite a few Facebook observers who think that this Workplace Privacy Act is simply a way for Facebook to continue to exploit not-tech-savvy Americans. Come on, all workers have to do is tell their bosses, “no.” That was easy, as Staples says. Are employers brow-beating employees over this issue? Where’s the urgency on this? This reminds me of that period in American history when the far right wanted to ban flag-burning and former Senator Bob Kerrey said, “Why? It’s not as if there are huge lines of Americans cueing up to burn the flag. It’s rare, people.”

I pretty much think that’s the same thing here. Are Nebraska employers demanding employees’ Facebook passwords? I highly doubt it, folks.

Oh, that’s right. Facebook is a Mueller-Robak “principal.”

Now, tell me again that Mueller-Robak doesn’t dictate the Unicameral’s agenda.

All of the issues facing Nebraska and Facebook gets to be first out of the “bill introduction” gate. What a farce.

by Joe Duggan

A bill introduced Thursday would prohibit Nebraska employers from requiring employees or job applicants to turn over their social network passwords.

The Workplace Privacy Act, introduced by O’Neill Sen. Tyson Larson, also would prevent public or private employers from forcing employees to display their Facebook or Twitter pages so they could be inspected by the employer. Nor could the employer access an employee’s social networking accounts through a friend or other third party.

Employers who violate the law could be sued by the affected employee or applicant under Legislative Bill 58.

California, Illinois, Maryland, and Michigan passed similar laws in 2012, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures. Two other states, New Jersey and Delaware, enacted legislation prohibiting educational institutions from snooping on social network sites of students or applicants.

Some employers in those states argued they needed access to employee accounts to protect proprietary information or trade secrets and to address liability issues, according to a conference report.

The Nebraska proposal attempts to address such concerns by saying the law would not limit an employer’s right to investigate an employee for improperly downloading a company’s proprietary information. And it wouldn’t negate a employer’s policy on the use of private social networking accounts at work.

Nor would the law apply to electronic devices or accounts employers provide to staff members for work purposes.

Contact the writer: 402-473-9587, joe.duggan@owh.com


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