Senator Heath Mello: “Can you Handle the Truth about Nebraska’s ‘MoneyCameral’?”

January 10, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

The LJS’s JoANNE Young quotes Senator Mello as saying, “Everyone has their priorities, he said, including the governor.”

In that “everyone” of whom Sen. Mello speaks, sadly and perhaps, genuinely naively, the Good Senator from Omaha is talking about Nebraska’s State Senators and the Gov. Heineman administration.

It would be nice if Sen. Mello included the authentic Unicameral power brokers; the true “Players:” Nebraska’s five uber-“lawbbyists: Kim Robak, Walt Radcliffe, Don Wesley, Ron Withem, & Kermit Brashear. Each year when the Unicameral convenes, all sorts of articles, features, + other media segments focus on Nebraska’s 49 State Senators and the Governor.

What’s not discussed are the FIVE LAWBBYISTS who really run Nebraska and hold the raw power in what I’ve come to call “The Unicameral: The MoneyCameral.”

For some time, state + national entities, have been handing out $ 1,000,000,000.00 (one million dollars; give or take a couple hundred thousand dollars) to the following lawyers:

1) Kim Robak of Mueller-Robak; Bill Mueller of Mueller-Robak;

2) Walt Radcliffe of Radcliffe & Associates;

3) Don Wesley of O’Hara & Associates;

4) Ron Withem; NU “lawbbyist” and former Speaker of the MoneyCameral [not personally, of course, to him but he gets uber-bucks for NU without NU having to provide outside, objective accountability.]

5) Kermit Brashear

These hundreds of let’s-face-it-folks [mostly corporate] entities that shell out $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) or more a MoneyCameral session, ONLY do it because they’re getting their way. Fact.

Meaning: the MoneyCameral is “doing” what the “Principals” of Mueller-Robak, Radcliffe, O’Hara & Associates, et al hire these Nebraska “Top Dog” lawybbyists to do.

For them. Not for the citizens of Nebraska.

Nebraska’s 49 State Senators – and their over-burdened staffers – MUST begin to dig deeper when they find that the Administration won’t give on a certain “policy” or “rate” or “figure” and “follow the money” trail.

You’d be surprised how often it leads right back to charismatic LAWBBYISTS.

Almost all of whom have parlayed their time in the MONEYCAMERAL to make a boatload of money for themselves.

Sincere question to @ Senator Mello: Can you handle the truth?

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