Senator Mike Johanns Wrote the Book on “Backstabbing for Beginners”

January 8, 2013


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

“There was a day when I needed a friend very badly,” Johanns told a Republican gathering nine years later. “And Chuck Hagel was there, and I’ll never forget that,” Johanns said.

Well, Don Walton’s headline captures one truth: Senator Johanns is – indeed – a drama king.

Sincere question: does Senator Johanns understand how it is that he comes across?

Senator Johanns’ previous sentiments about Hagel’s friendship juxtaposed against the current stabbing of his fellow Cornhusker in the back. [Great writing, Don Walton]

You know, the same Nebraskan who was “there for” Johanns; the Mike Johanns who will “never forget”…how Chuck Hagel came to his aid when Johanns needed it. So, let’s get this straight.

Senator Johanns – by his own admission – will “never forget” Hagel’s unqualified support of him when he needed it, but during the first week of January, 2013, when all of America is looking to Nebraska’s GOP Senators to hear their take on President Obama’s Chuck Hagel’s nomination – in other words – when Sec. of Defense-nominee, Chuck Hagel, needs defending – Senator Johanns lets his “long-time friend” twist slowly in the nomination wind.

Shakespeare summed up men like Senator Johanns best in “Julius Caesar.” Et tu, Brutus.

What a character our Senior Senator has turned out to be.

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