An Oldie – but goodie – Post about the Nebraska GOP + Sen. Hagel

December 24, 2012


Senator Johanns, (seriously) “Hagel’s Burned Bridges.” 

November 1, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Uhmmm. If I happened to be a U.S. Senator from Nebraska and a fellow Nebraska Senator earned a stunningly beautiful bridge built in his honor, I really wouldn’t be using the phrase, “Burning bridges” when talking about heroes like Bob Kerrey + Chuck Hagel.

And what about Senator Fischer who said of the great Chuck Hagel that she “wasn’t surprised” by Hagel’s endorsement of Bob Kerrey because – and here’s the kicker – OMG, Hagel has been “working with the Obama Administration.” [Scary, I guess she’s saying]

So Senator Fischer exposes the truth that she, too, believes in PARTY FIRST rather then COUNTRY FIRST.

By contrast, consider New Joisee Gov. Chris Christie.

A politician who understands the import of putting Party aside and working together for what’s good for the country.

This morning I was – literally – going to write a Post headlined, “Chris Christie is my new FAVORITE Republican.” Then, I got sidetracked and swear to God, I read the EXACT same head much later on a column by Jennifer Granholm.

She also said her top favorite Republican was her father. I was going to say that, also, except that I was going to add that my favorite Republican, the remarkable Royce Harper, almost 90 years young, actually changed his seventy-year status as a member of the Nebraska GOP in order to vote for me in the 2010 1st Congressional District Democratic Primary. You know, I’ve never asked him whether or not he planned to switch back. 

As my favorite female comedienne, Mindy Kaling, would say, “Doesn’t matter.” Why? Because Royce really, really, really likes President Obama and I know he’s going to vote for him.

Anyhoo, I now wish I’d written that Post and then I could email it to Jennifer Granholm with a note about great minds thinking alike.

Finally, below is the Comment I made after Deena Winter’s latest Nebraska Watchdog story exposing the heart of Senator Fischer: oooooooh, Chuck Hagel is BAD because he worked with the Democrats.

[Comment by Ivy Marie Harper]

  • Senator Fischer says critically of Senator Chuck Hagel, “she’s not surprised he will endorse Kerrey since he’s been “working with the Obama administration.”


    Right. As opposed to some GOP Tea Partiers et al who vowed from the day President Obama took the oath of office to spend four full vicious years thwarting his every single effort.


    NW’s Deena Winter writes, “Heineman and Johanns were expected to campaign with Fischer in 12 Nebraska cities Thursday and Friday. Fortenberry and U.S. Rep. Adrian Smithwill join them later in the week.”


    Let’s deconstruct this all-GOP quartet: there’s a Governor [Heineman] who uses more than a BILLION dollars of the President’s stimulus but rails against it even though the STIMULUS saved Nebraska from being a billion bucks in the red.


    There’s a Senator [Johanns] who – along with his family – has been on the GOVERNMENT DOLE for most of his adult life. The Johanns Family has used FEDERAL health care to the absolute max year after year after year yet the Good Senator votes against hard-working Americans getting the same GOVERNMENT health care teat that he and his family have been sucking on for a quarter of a century.


    Then, there’s a born & bred Ragin’ Cajun [Fortenberry] who moved to Lincoln in the EXACT same year that he left Washington, D.C., “picked up” a Master’s in Theology at the most conservative college in the country, “got” a – get this – “trucking” job at Sandhills Publising, and put down yard signs for an “at-large” City Council Seat. By ninth grade in Bethany, Bob Kerrey had lived longer in Lincoln than Rep. Jeff Fortenberry has to this day.


    And what can you say about Rep. Adrian Smith, who the day that I last met him at Senator Fischer’s very first Washington, D.C. fund-raiser – where he arrived almost as it was completely over – and who then he left for some party afterwards that the guy – a dead ringer for that actor on “The Big Bang Theory” who – when I asked if I could join them, told me no.

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