Kerrey Loss Post-Mortem: A Crushing Blow for Nebraska Democrats that will Reverberate for Years but the “Powers”-that-Be Refuse to Change

November 11, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C.  (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Like Tom White – who coulda been a victorious Congressional contender – the great Bob Kerrey could have won the Nebraska Senate race.

Sadly, just as White’s campaign was run into the ground by incessant fund-raising and a prima dona, tyro campaign manager, Kerrey’s campaign was mismanaged from the get-go by incessant fund-raising and a prima dona, old-school campaign manager.

OMG, it’s beyond frustrating to watch men who could win and who have wonderful hearts refuse to recognize that their campaigns are alienating Democrats, let alone Independents, and fair-minded members of the GOP.

I’ll say it again: Kerrey could have won. But not with a campaign manager who ran a race as if it was the 1980’s.

Stay tuned: I’m going to publish some emails written by the wise Jane Fleming Kleeb, John Cavanaugh, and Barbara Erickson Hoagland, all of whom – early on – tried to help Kerry salvage his Senate run. Plus, some choice words by W. Don Nelson who knows Kerrey as well as anyone.

Like he said, ultimately, the buck stops with Kerrey himself but come on, he couldn’t do everything. That’s the reason politicians put their faith in managers. It’s indisputable that David Axlerod directed a brilliant campaign and Hillary Clinton’s top dog, whose name I’m blanking on (Patty Solis, maybe) – literally – cost HRC the presidency.

Since this is such serious stuff, one would think that politicians would switch horses if the one they’re riding shows signs of impending collapse but perhaps, two qualities of Nebraskans stop them from doing so: loyalty and being non-complainers.

This is a deadly combination for politicians and one can see that both Tom White & Bob Kerrey nobly chose to stick with their choices rather than show them the door in the summer when it became apparent to anyone outside the bubble of White’s flailing 2010 campaign and Kerrey’s 2012 race that things were not going well.

To be continued.

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