The Omaha World-Herald’s C. David Kotok: “Not sure JB [NU President James Milliken] will be Happy…” as if Regents’ Role is not to Oversee but to Keep NU “Happy” in the same Way that the OWH Keeps NU’s Secrets.

November 7, 2012


DavidKotok1 Hal’s back. Hal Daub defeated Ann Ashford for a seat on the NU Board of Regents. Not sure JB will be happy. Hal will be no rubber stamp.

As I said, Kotok + the OWH should know from keeping NU “happy.”

And – just like at Penn State where the state’s major papers ignored the Sandusky story (a 20-something from a far-away paper broke the story) in order to keep the Powers-that-Be in Happy Valley, happy – the Omaha World-Herald crucifies Nancy Sebring for nothing and sits on should-be-national-OWH-generated-front-page stories about the ongoing – and massive – financial shenanigans at the University of Nebraska Foundation also known as NU.

Penn State’s pot meek Kotok’s kettle.


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