Kerrey did not Go Gentle into that Good Night; He Raged, Raged against the Lying of The Right

November 7, 2012


WASHINGTON, D.C. (exclusive) by Ivy Harper

Well, at least President Obama won.

And Senator Ernie Chambers.

And John Ewing almost beat Rep. Lee Terry.

The Lincoln Journal-Star’s (LJS) Don Walton’s latest political article drew a whopping 100 Comments.

Below I’m printing the most egregious: the drivel below is from a Commenter who calls himself MarkyMark. The word on the Street is that MarkyMark is, in reality, the Nebraska GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson.

Now wouldn’t you think that since Nebraska is officially an all-GOP state that Cornhusker Republicans could be just a tad bit magnanimous like the LJS Commenter, Ralph, whose Comment reflects the right attitude.

But no. Read what MarkyMark writes about Bob Kerrey after a loss that, inevitably, hurts on several levels.

MarkyMarkReport AbuseMarkyMark – 9 hours ago
Ol’ New York Bob sought to become a Harry Ried bobble head using you, the Nebraska citizen, as a mere prop to further their liberal wing nut schemes. There was behind closed door promises of liberal grandeur if only the citizens of Nebraska would roll over for the man from the east coast bastion of liberalism, Greenwich Village. [So, Mr. MarkyMark, by your own admission, the talks between Kerrey & Harry were “behind closed door promises of liberal grandeur,” so how do you know what was said, discussed, or promised. Are you a mind-reading Mentalist?]

Thankfully Nebraskans recognized the importance of the balance of power pertaining to Congress especially in light of the weak second term mandate sent by the voting public to the community organizer last night. [What about the balance of political power in Nebraska now that all federal and state elected officials are members of the GOP?]

If you’re [Bob Kerrey] still in our state this morning…. goodbye, good riddance once and for all Ol’ New York. May you enjoy your trip back home to Greenwich Village NY as much as your sister enjoys sending you packing from her basement and as much as I’ll enjoy knowing you and Harry couldn’t fool the good citizens of the state of Nebraska. [Seriously, MarkyMark now declares that he knows what Bob Kerrey’s sister is thinking. Whew! Talk about a classic case of projection.]

Despite Kerrey’s charitable suggestion that we love the opposition even more, I’m thinkin’ that MarkyMark could make Mother Teresa start swearing like a fish monger’s wife.

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